Family-run Skip Hire Company Invests in Hiab For 36 Years

Matt Ritchie from Hiab and Alexander Dillon from Foundry Steels

A long-standing skip hire company in Scotland has taken delivery of a Hiab MULTILIFT as part of its commitment to reduce downtime and support businesses in the region. Foundry Steels is a family-run business which has been using Hiab hooklifts and crane fittings for 36 years and recently invested in a brand-new MULTILIFT Ultima 24S on a DAF chassis. 

Alexander Dillon, managing director from Foundry Steels said the reliability of the Hiab equipment played a big part in choosing the MULTILIFT Ultima 24S.

“We need good quality from our equipment because our vehicles are out and about from 7:30am to 5pm every day,” he explained.

“Every five years we replace our trucks and cranes so our customers have the confidence our vehicles are well maintained.

“Downtime is a big thing for a small business like ours. We don’t have lots spare trucks we can use if something goes wrong; we need a quick and easy fix. 

“A burst hose takes half a day to repair but we have never had to replace any hoses with MULTILIFTS which is why we’ve been using Hiab equipment for so long.

“The ongoing investment in our fleet means less breakdowns and downtime and our customers appreciate that – it means we are not letting them down.”

Foundry Steels has a fleet of six vehicles and the business has a commitment to upgrade its trucks and cranes every five years as part of an ongoing maintenance programme. 

Alexander added: “The MULTILIFT has the reaching and lifting capacity that our customers need. Our skips sometimes need to go over walls and hedges, with Hiab you have the adjustable mechanisms which allows much greater lifting capacity and movability.

“The soft touch control offers very smooth mechanism and hydraulics, making light work of heavy-duty lifting.

“It is a very competitive market in Scotland, so having the extra capability to deliver skip hire within tight spaces really does help. You need to be able to say “we can do that”.

Robert Graham, sales manager for Hiab said: “The functionality of the MULTILIFT Ultima 24S is ideal for businesses like Foundry Steels which has customers who need skip hire in a variety of settings.

Matt Ritchie, regional manager for Hiab Scotland added: “We’re really pleased that Foundry Steels have been such a long-standing customer of Hiab, the reliability of our equipment means less downtime, saving them time and money.”

Hiab trucks are a great investment for construction-based businesses as well as haulage companies. Find out more about how Hiabs can improve on-site efficiency and lower costs here.

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