External Affairs Secretary visits Iceland to strengthen greater Scottish-Arctic collaboration

Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson

SCOTLAND’s world-leading expertise in decarbonisation, Arctic research and renewable energy will be among the key areas for collaboration highlighted by External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson on his visit to Iceland.

Mr Robertson will attend the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik where he will meet with international delegates and Icelandic Ministers. He will be joined by a delegation from Scotland which includes representatives from Parliament, universities and island councils. With a strong focus on knowledge exchange and international collaborations, the themes of Scotland’s contribution to this year’s conference range from biodiversity loss and ocean energy to higher education and rural connectivity.

Scottish Ministers have participated in the Arctic Circle Assembly every year since 2016 (it was cancelled due to the pandemic in 2020) and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon attended the event last year.

Speaking on his arrival in Iceland for a two day programme, Mr Robertson said:

“Scotland has grown confident in its role as the world’s most northerly non-Arctic nation. The Arctic Circle Assembly offers an excellent opportunity for Scotland to promote our expertise in relation to the ambitions and challenges in both Europe and North America that we share with our Arctic partners.

“We are keen to work with our Arctic neighbours to tackle joint issues such as decarbonising our societies, promoting rural wellbeing and tackling climate change. Scotland has a wealth of knowledge to contribute as an expert partner to Arctic dialogue while learning from the solutions developed by others.

“Iceland’s success illustrate how smaller countries can be an influential and effective force for good internationally. We also share Iceland’s commitment to international co-operation as a way to promote sustainability and prosperity, both at home and overseas.

“I look forward to our continuing participation in the Arctic Circle Assembly and I am sure the strong Scottish presence this year will lead to even more opportunities for collaboration in the region.”

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