ExecSpace launch smart new client tech in readiness for recovery

Emma Little, CEO and Founder of ExecSpace
  • Forced ‘pause’ in the business and wider industry creates opportunity for reflection and innovation 
  • New technology will provide Procurement Leads and Event Heads with real time information and insightful data relating to spend, savings and trends 

ExecSpace, one of the UK’s leading venue finding agencies is preparing for a strong recovery with the launch of its new client platform – ExecTech.  

Built focussing on the needs of their customers – both from a procurement perspective and to give event planners an intuitive online platform; to submit enquiries, manage their bookings and conduct detailed searches, the new digital offering will provide real time information and insightful data relating to spend, savings and trends. 

ExecSpace, along with most of the events and hospitality sector, throughout 2020/2021 has faced an uncertain future due to the cancellation of all in-person meetings, events, and conferences as a result the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Emma Little, CEO and Founder of ExecSpace comments, “It was an incredibly difficult time. February 2020 was looking extremely positive – we were 30% up year on year, had just secured 3 new national contracts and were actively recruiting to grow our team by 25%. A month later, business fell off a cliff.  

“As a leader, whilst the temptation could have been to simply react to the crisis in hand, I felt it was important we juggled both trying to save the business and as many jobs as possible, whilst remaining positive and proactively building something for the future recovery, remaining hopeful and confident we’d ride out the storm.  

“The forced ‘pause’ in the business and wider industry gave us the perfect opportunity to reflect on what we did well and where we could be better.” 

ExecSpace, as an agent, is renowned for a fantastic, client led service, but were perhaps slightly behind the curve in terms of technology capabilities compared with the strongest in the industry. In order to build something, fit for purpose and client centred, ExecSpace engaged with a focus group of key clients to ensure what they were building was what clients wanted and needed.  

Little continues, “Event planning will always require a high degree of human touch and expertise, so it was absolutely essential we built something that complements the service our team provide, rather than replaces it. We are actively working with a selection of clients to implement ExecTech in readiness for when the recovery does come.” 

In addition to the technology, ExecSpace has also taken time to revisit their branding and in line with ExecTech, created a new website – reflecting ExecSpace as they move forward. 

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