Everything energy event comes to Cumbrae to help island achieve carbon neutral goals

Left to Right: Luigi Giorgetti with the Duracell Bunny and Gordon McDill

RESIDENTS in Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae had the chance to learn how to make their homes greener when energy efficiency experts – including the Duracell Bunny – dropped by for a visit.

The event at Garrison House was organised by Green Home Systems which specialises in installing energy saving measures.

They were joined by their energy partners from Duracell Energy, who were on hand to discuss battery storage, and Vaillant Group, who specialise in air source heat pumps.

Representatives from the Carbon Neutral Islands Project for Cumbrae – which aims to become carbon neutral by 2040 – were also in attendance, raising awareness of the project’s goals and the promote benefits of improving the energy efficiency of the island’s homes.

Green Home Systems is no stranger to Millport, having worked with the Carbon Neutral Islands Project on a number of initiatives including completing work on Millport Bowling Club and Cumbrae Parish Church.

The company has also completed projects for a number of householders already, installing products including solar panels and battery storage, air source heat pumps and insulation, which will help to lower their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

One customer and longstanding member of the Millport community, Luigi Giorgetti, said: “Since my solar panel and battery storage system was installed I’ve just not looked back at all. It has been a godsend, especially in the current economic climate – looking at ways to save money is on everyone’s minds.

“My electricity bills have gone from between £10-£15 per day to just two to three pence per day.”

Gordon McDill, private sales director at Green Home Systems, welcomed the opportunity to speak to members of the local community and answer their questions.

He said: “It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet residents in Millport and help advise them on how they could make their homes more energy efficient, and advise them on the government-funded subsidies they could be entitled to.

“We can help them navigate the funding landscape and choose the right products for their homes.

“We have worked closely with the Carbon Neutral Islands Project on a few installations and look forward to continuing to help the island work towards achieving its goals.”

The Carbon Neutral Islands Project is backed by the Scottish Government and Cumbrae is one of six Scottish islands participating.

Scott Watson, Community Development Officer (Cumbrae) for the Carbon Neutral Islands Project, added: “As many residents know, it can be tricky to get suppliers from the mainland to commit to projects on Cumbrae, so it was great to have Green Home Systems take the time to to meet with those who wanted to know more about how to make their homes energy efficient.

“Having the support of Cumbrae’s islanders is vital in helping us achieve our targets and with many of the homes in Millport built in the early 1900s, there is a lot that needs be done to make them energy efficient.

“Events like this really help us to spread the message of how everyone in the community can take a look at their own carbon footprint.”

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