Event Planners’ Guide for the Cairngorms National Park launched


THE CAIRNGORMS Business Partnership has launched an Event Planners’ Guide under its Destination Management Organisation brand, VisitCairngorms.

The digital resource showcases the National Park to the events sector.

Key objectives are to:

  • Highlight the unique and rich regions of the expansive National Park;
  • Demonstrate that one of the most spectacular areas of the UK has superb travel options;
  • Offers guidance on consulting and requesting permission from land owners (if required), sustainability and connecting with communities
  • Provides a connection between the events sector and businesses throughout the National Park.  

The Cairngorms Business Partnership (CBP) recognises the importance of events as a key market for Scottish tourism, and are keen to ensure that the Cairngorms National Park is at the forefront of this vibrant and exciting sector.

Members of the CBP have been given the opportunity to become partners in the Guide, allowing the businesses to share their superb offering to this lucrative sector: between 2018 and 2019 association events and conferences alone contributed more than £206 million to the Scottish economy, with repeat visits and extended stays contributing a further £11 million.

Event Organisers, DMC’s and associated organisations are encouraged to utilise the expertise of the CBP, who has access to over 400 member businesses and a wealth of knowledge – continuing to position the organisation as a first point of contact to the sector.  The opportunity for unique events, which embody the special qualities of the Cairngorms National Park through nature, culture, heritage, creativity and community, are here in abundance – the CBP is well placed to nurture new connections.

Paul Bush OBE, VisitScotland’s Director of Events, said: “The stunning natural environment of the Cairngorms is the perfect stage for hosting events. The Event Planners’ Guide, developed by the Cairngorms Business Partnership, will I’m sure, be a helpful resource, providing organisers and others across the industry, with a range of information to help maintain the area’s reputation as a world-renowned visitor destination in a sustainable way.”

The Cairngorms National Park is the ideal location for memorable experiences and in a perfect position to support extended stays, year round.  From accommodation providers, catering & hospitality, unique accommodation, dark sky experiences, storytellers, distilleries, wildlife, outdoor adventure, outdoor connection & calm and plenty of Highland fun – the Event Planners’ Guide and the CBP will connect the event sector to the right businesses, in the right locations for the perfect event.

Mark Tate, CEO of the Cairngorms Business Partnership, commented: 

“We live and work in a spectacular part of the world – the opportunity to host superb events and experiences is here in abundance. 

In producing the Event Planners’ Guide we hope to connect event organisers with businesses, communities and organisations, so we can see a thriving events market – one that works collaboratively to gives the very best experiences, helps event organisers host events that showcase and protect the most precious and spectacular habitats in the UK – and ensures that the benefit of events is felt by our communities, creatives and businesses.

The Cairngorms National Park is a special place and the opportunity for extended stays that are diverse, exciting and undeniably rooted in one of the most spectacular locations in the world is absolutely something we deliver on. The Event Planners’ Guide and the CBP are here to support this important sector”.

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