Environment professionals invited to new Glasgow design hub


FOLLOWING the announcement that Benholm Group have sold out their exclusive launch event at the new industry hub Material Source Glasgow on 17 April, Benholm are delighted to invite all built environment professionals to visit at their leisure during official opening hours from 18 April onwards. 

As the first and only plant scaping company at Material Source Glasgow, Benholm Group are excited to showcase the transformative power of greenery in interior design. Over the last few months, they’ve been hard at work designing their pod, as well as kitting-out the entire studio with an abundance of plants ready to welcome industry professionals.

A Benholm spokesman commented:

“There’s nothing like seeing a product up-close; being inspired by colour and texture and understanding sustainability and safety credentials – it’s imperative to the specification process. That’s why Benholm are delighted to have joined some of the world’s leading commercial interior brands at Material Source Glasgow.

The curated space within Material Source Studio, Glasgow highlights the latest trends in biophilic design. From striking greenery to unique plant arrangements – both real and artificial – you can witness the transformative power of plants to elevate spaces and discover unique ways to bring the outdoors inside.”

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