Engineered to last as Perth’s Abdie Solutions celebrate 10 years in business 

Left to right: Cameron Webster, Roger Horner, Stewart Todd and Kenneth Foggo

ABDIE Solutions, an industry leader in bulk handling and storage, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a series of project wins, team expansion and a move into bigger premises.

The Perth based company has been instrumental in the conception and installation of several revolutionary engineering projects, including machinery that removes botanicals from liquid for Hendricks Gin, and designing the system that breaks down the salt found in every household in the UK.

Founder Roger Horner’s 50 years experience in bulk handling and control systems has led him to develop unrivalled expertise globally. In the early 2000’s he was also involved in the design & installation of grain storage and drying plants in Russia and Crimea, this became a standardised design and was used on several new installations across that part of the world. 

The team’s vast experience and knowledge of grain drying, storage design, silos, conveyors, and driers has secured individual contracts up to the value of £850k across the UK and internationally. Leading an impressive roster of clients over the past ten years, Abdie’s annual turnover  is in excess of £1million. Originally established in 2011 in Roger’s home office,  Abdie has moved to larger premises twice in the past decade, and gained four additional employees, including director Stewart Todd, with two new appointments on the horizon.

Projects including the design and installation of plug screws for Quaker Oats and a new slurry handling plant for drying filter cake, creating bio-fuel that previously would have gone to landfill for Scottish Leather Group. The company also restructured conveying systems for Alexandria Port: designing bespoke handling equipment for grain stores, overseeing export of equipment from the UK and import into Egypt, supervising installation, and commissioning of a new plant.

Roger Horner, Director at Abdie Solutions, said: “The secret to our success is that we endeavour to find the correct solutions for our clients’ problems, not the one they think they want or need. Throughout my years, I have seen engineering experts come and go that are only concerned about a quick sale, not taking the time to find out what is best for the customer. The reason I have lasted so long in the industry is because I focus on the correct machine for the application. That is the ethos I have installed in my team, and I think our clients appreciate that.”

The next ten years look to see Abdie Solutions grow further, with the new larger premises allowing them to increase their offering. Team expansion is high on the agenda as the engineering firm recently added an additional Project Engineer and Key Account Manager to develop their current accounts, driving growth in the chemical and food sectors.

John McRitchie, Project Engineer, at Glenmorangie, said: “The Abdie Solutions team have been a real asset to our latest project at Glenmorangie. The skill and expertise they have shown is next level, and you can see the passion and drive to create lasting solutions.”

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