Energy partnership to support Scottish hospitality sector


GLASGOW-based energy consultants, USAVE Utility Contracts, has launched a partnership with the Scottish Licensed Trade Association to support the hospitality industry with the ongoing energy crisis.

The challenges facing the sector have been well documented with businesses facing significant increases in energy costs, alongside rates hikes, recruitment issues, rising supply costs and the proposed deposit return scheme.

USAVE, who have extensive buying power within the market and can access bespoke energy pricing, have set up a dedicated phone line, 0800 368 8136, and providing free consultations.

Anthony Hale, Director, USAVE, said: “The good news is that wholesale energy costs are coming down but are likely to still remain higher in the long term than pre-2021.  Unfortunately, our industry is also blighted by companies providing irresponsible advice and placing organisations on long term contracts which is not in most companies best interest.  In some cases, at the height last year we saw companies being tied into three-year contracts paying in excess of 80p/kwh.  The market has fallen considerably since, with current prices almost half that, but businesses are still tied into those contracts.

“Prices are changing all the time and to benefit organisations needs to be agile.  That, combined with our buying power, means we are confident that we can help businesses save money.”

Graham Blaikie, President of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association added: “USAVE have been exceptionally helpful. In the current economic crisis, it’s very difficult to have an understanding of the energy markets but they give you the advice and information to make confident purchasing decisions.” 

Organisations can arrange a consultation by contacting 0800 368 8136 or

USAVE Utility Contracts monitor live daily market rates and provide energy advice and audits on gas, electricity and water costs, to UK businesses, as well as advise on green energy strategies and multi-site meter installations.  Clients include Hamilton Racecourse, Indigo Sun, FES, and the Park Property Group.  Further information is available from

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