Encompass attends DBT North America Roadshow in Scotland


THE DEPARTMENT for Business and Trade (DBT) ended its North America Roadshow 2023 in Glasgow on Friday, concluding a 12-day tour of 12 UK cities to promote export deals between the UK and US.

The Roadshow served to highlight the export opportunities for UK businesses looking to the US and Canadian markets, with experts delivering presentations and interactive sessions to provide guidance on exporting, trade negotiations, and the economic outlook.

Encompass Corporation, the provider of the leading Know Your Customer (KYC) automation platform, was selected as a trusted partner for the Roadshow, representing as both a prominent Scottish technology company and a North American success story following its expansion to the region in October 2021.

During the Glasgow session, representatives from Encompass, including Ashton Montgomery-Norris, Senior Customer Success Manager, discussed its active involvement in the UK Government’s efforts to promote UK financial services overseas. The session included a fireside Q&A session on FinTech opportunities in North America.

Dr Henry Balani, Global Head of Industry and Regulatory Affairs at Encompass, said: “The potential for collaboration between UK and US businesses is huge, and it is important that events such as the DBT North America Roadshow promote the opportunities available to UK and US organisations alike. FinTech, and the wider technology industry, is at an incredibly exciting stage and businesses on both sides of the pond should look to engage to unlock new possibilities for growth. Particularly in areas such as tackling financial crime, a joint approach across nations and sharing expertise and technology will help maximise success.”

Rytas Stankunas, of the Department for Business and Trade, welcomed Encompass as an invaluable partner on the North America Roadshow, saying: “Encompass provides an excellent example of UK ingenuity in the RegTech space being successfully deployed in the North American market. Encompass works with the Department for Business and Trade in the United States regularly, and we were excited to present various aspects of Encompass’ journey to the FinTech community in Scotland.”

Also during the event, DBT, alongside legal, banking and tax industry experts, shared practical advice on the opportunities in the North America region, while the National Association of State Procurement Officials presented on demystifying US State procurement, and DBT North American sector specialists provided a deep dive on key growth sectors and the opportunities available to UK companies.

Encompass has been serving the North American market since its regional launch in late 2021, experiencing significant growth while operating from New York under President, North America, Alex Ford. This is as well as receiving industry recognition including the AML Impact Award for Best Know Your Customer/Business (KYC/KYB) Innovation from Aite-Novarica Group last year.

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