Eight start-ups selected for inaugural sustainable mobility and low carbon accelerator

Bob Andrew, Elevator’s MSIP Accelerator Manager and Greig Coull, CEO of Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc

Eight start-ups from across Scotland are the first to benefit from an innovative accelerator to help lead the charge for sustainable mobility and low carbon energy.

They have been selected for the programme launched earlier this year by the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) – a joint venture between Dundee City Council, Michelin, and Scottish Enterprise. MSIP appointed Elevator to deliver the programme with an aim to support Scotland’s net-zero carbon ambitions.

The MSIP Sustainable Mobility and Low Carbon Innovation Accelerator will coach the cohort of companies and individuals who have developed products, prototypes, or investor-ready solutions focused on sustainable mobility, clean transport, and low carbon energy.

As part of the programme, each founder will work closely with specialist sector delivery partners Ricardo and Productiv to gain industry insight and hands-on experience to break into production and to market. In addition, companies can apply for a grant of a maximum of £10,000 through a funding support package managed by Scottish Enterprise.

Bob Andrew, Elevator’s MSIP Accelerator Manager, said: “The selected start-ups address a wide range of social and environmental challenges and are working towards solutions to help support Scotland’s response to the global climate emergency.

“We are enormously excited about having this opportunity to work alongside MSIP and Scottish Enterprise to achieve our collective objective of bolstering zero-emission transport and zero-carbon energy emission technologies. We are confident we will deliver huge benefits to sustainable mobility and low carbon energy companies that are ready to scale and grow.”

Greig Coull, CEO of Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc said: “I’m excited to see such a great variety of participants for our first sustainable mobility and low carbon energy accelerator. Each of the companies selected is incredibly relevant, exploring new technology and innovative solutions in key areas that are critical towards a greener future.

“This accelerator programme will compliment all of the other activities we have at MSIP. I anticipate a strong and positive future between MSIP and the companies taking part, both during the programme and after its completion.

“Our goal is to create jobs, grow the economy, and help Scotland to achieve its net-zero ambitions. This accelerator will contribute towards the delivery of all three.”

The four-month programme will kick off on 19th October with the initial sessions held virtually, in view of the COVID-19 crisis.

Scottish Enterprise commercial director Derek Shaw said: “The Accelerator programme perfectly illustrates the vision for MSIP to be at the forefront of innovation in low carbon transport and energy.

These start-ups already have innovative ideas and ability which will help us not only achieve Scotland’s ambitious net-zero carbon targets but also to be a world leader in the field.

“The support and expertise they will access through the Accelerator will ensure they are ready to take the next step forward and help create quality jobs and grow a sustainable and greener economy.”

Companies selected for the inaugural MSIP Accelerator powered by Elevator are:

SolarisKit: developed and tested the world’s first flat-packable solar thermal collector, a device which can effectively convert sunlight into hot water at temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Intra Drive: specialists in the design of innovative motor and gearbox technology, currently developing a new e-bike powertrain technology, which offers improved performance and unrivalled durability.

Frisco Projects: a company driving forward its Frisco e-Bikes (FEBs) and the Frisco Solar Docks (FSDs) covering all aspects from design, manufacturing, and assembly through to operation and maintenance.

Power to Go Hydro Ltd.: developers of an inflatable waterwheel to generate renewable energy for the world’s future transport, domestic and light industry needs.

Genista Energy: design and installs ready-configured and custom battery systems for renewable energy applications across the commercial, industrial and agricultural industries.

Power Circle: offers an innovative business model that enables social landlords and others to benefit from local energy systems that generate, store, and trade energy to achieve a climate positive solution (net negative emissions).

LIND: developed a domestic heating technology that incorporates low-cost energy storage suitable for supporting renewable energy and energy systems.

Scene Connect Ltd: founders of energy service platform ZUoS’ which optimises energy consumption at household and community level.

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