EICC partners with Edinburgh BioQuarter to source increased industry opportunities

Left to right are Emma Chapman of CALCIVIS, Marshall Dallas of the EICC and Anna Stamp of Edinburgh BioQuarter (by Stewart Attwood)
Left to right are Emma Chapman of CALCIVIS, Marshall Dallas of the EICC and Anna Stamp of Edinburgh BioQuarter (by Stewart Attwood)

The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) and Edinburgh BioQuarter have established a partnership aimed at bringing more UK and global medicine and life sciences conferences to Edinburgh.  

The EICC is internationally-renowned for hosting some of the world’s most significant life sciences industry conferences, while Edinburgh BioQuarter has built a reputation as a leading destination for healthcare delivery, groundbreaking medical research and life sciences innovation and entrepreneurship. 

With a shared passion for raising the awareness of, and celebrating, opportunities within Scottish Life Sciences, the EICC and Edinburgh BioQuarter will jointly host EICC Live ‘The Future of Healthcare’ event, which is set to feature prominent players from Scotland’s life sciences and innovation sectors – with Dr Jamie Coleman, Founder and Chair of CodeBase and Co-Founder and COO of immuno oncology drug discovery company UltraHuman, University of Edinburgh postdoctoral research scientist Dr Catherine Stables and Edinburgh Medical School’s Chair of Molecular Imaging and Healthcare Technology, Professor Kev Dhaliwal lined up as keynote speakers. 

Marshall Dallas, Chief Executive of the EICC said: “Building on Scotland’s existing world-class reputation in medicine and life sciences, through the partnership we are aiming to attract more industry companies and associations to the city.  Our mission statement is ‘to create an environment which inspires ideas that change the world’ applies to many of the life sciences conferences that we hold here every year, and we know there is massive shared potential to bring even more of these events to Edinburgh.  Through our new partnership, and public events such as the EICC Live BioQuarter talk, we want to collaborate with partners across the country so that the whole nation benefits from increased life sciences business opportunities.” 

Anna Stamp, Interim Programme Director of Edinburgh BioQuarter said: “We are looking forward to working with the EICC, an organisation which shares a similar vision to BioQuarter – which is to inspire new ideas and to revolutionise healthcare. We view this partnership as a shop window to the city which will help us to position ourselves on the world stage, because we think we have a global proposition in life sciences and healthcare. It is great for our community – of resident life sciences companies and budding innovators working at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and University of Edinburgh’s world-class research institutes – to be able to tap in to the events and conferences at the EICC helping them to extend their reach. So it’s not only about inward investment to the city but also about supporting the cluster within Edinburgh and at BioQuarter to reach out to the world.”

Adam Christie, CEO of CALCIVIS said: “CALCIVIS began operations in 2012 based in the Edinburgh BioQuarter and has grown from a small team of three to over a dozen employees.  We are excited about the new partnership between Edinburgh BioQuarter and the EICC, and look forward to the opportunities it will bring for the resident companies at BioQuarter to partner with EICC. We really see the benefits of networking and events, especially in terms of business development, and by bringing people together at major conferences in Edinburgh can have a truly positive impact on companies like Calcivis.” 

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