Edinburgh tech start-up signs partnership with international IT giant CGI

Paul Reid (Trickle) and Lynne Huckerby (CGI)

TRICKLE, the Edinburgh-headquartered employee engagement and wellbeing tool, has agreed a game-changing partnership with one of the world’s biggest IT and business consulting services firms, CGI.

CGI will work closely with Trickle to offer the employee engagement platform to its customers. This will give healthcare organisations richer insight into what matters most to their teams, helping them to retain and attract talent. 

The two companies will initially work together to support UK healthcare organisations that want to improve their workplace through better employee engagement. The two companies will then extend their relationship into other areas, including business change and the wider public sector.

Trickle plans to further extend its reach through similar partnerships with leading industry players across the UK, to help organisations optimise employee experience in a challenging hiring and retention market.

Launched in 2019, Trickle has already built a formidable client base in Scotland which includes the Scottish Government and over half of the country’s regional health boards including NHS Lothian, NHS Grampian, NHS Highland, NHS Tayside, NHS Borders and the Scottish Ambulance Service.

Paul Reid, CEO of Trickle, said: “Working with CGI is a great step for Trickle, and will further enhance our reach and credibility in the UK healthcare sector initially, and then beyond.

“The world has moved beyond point-in-time employee surveys. For its people to thrive, everyday engagement must now be at the core of an organisation. Giving employees a voice in an inclusive, transparent and accessible way is now paramount. This is exactly what Trickle does, with the critical step of ensuring everyone is aware of the impact of improvements made as a result of ongoing feedback.    

“Platforms like ours have become vital in helping employers better understand employee needs. They also allow for a better appreciation of employee wellbeing which has undoubtedly been tested in recent times.

“Providing an interface where there are open lines of communication from the ground up, allows for real change where employees feel a part of the process.”

Lindsay McGranaghan, Scotland Business Unit Leader and Senior Vice President Consulting Services at CGI, said: “Trickle is an innovative and growth-focused startup that has established itself as a disrupter in the Scottish health sector, working with half of Scotland’sregional health boards as well as several health and social care partnerships.

“Trickle has proven its ability to strengthen the relationships between employees and leaders with a simple but powerful approach to ensuring that key matters are surfaced and discussed as part of everyday business. People make an organisation, and ensuring they remain the focus of it, is a must today.

“We have seen the strain those in healthcare particularly have been under over the last two years. Platforms such as Trickle ensure employees can provide regular feedback from the ground up to create positive change.”

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