Edinburgh ranks high among UK cities most concerned about cost-of-living crisis


A recent study by investing comparison website Investing Reviews has identified Edinburgh as the sixth-most worried city in the UK about the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. The research analysed Google search data, combining over 280 common search terms related to the issue to determine the average monthly search volume per 10,000 of the population over the past 12 months. 

Edinburgh’s average monthly search volume, with a staggering 306 searches per 10,000 people, placed it among the top areas expressing concern about the cost-of-living crisis. The city exhibited the highest overall monthly search volume, reaching 15,717, outpacing any other city in the top 10. It also holds the distinction of being the most concerned area in Scotland.

The study revealed that, in almost all cities and towns, the most searched-for term was ‘top savings accounts.’ However, in five locations, including Edinburgh, public interest predominantly focused on the term ‘interest rate.’

The top 10 UK areas most worried about the cost-of-living crisis are as follows:

  • Walsall – Monthly search volume: 431 per 10k population
  • Bath – Monthly search volume: 333 per 10k population
  • Norwich – Monthly search volume: 321 per 10k population
  • Wrexham – Monthly search volume: 313 per 10k population
  • Hereford – Monthly search volume: 310 per 10k population
  • Edinburgh – Monthly search volume: 306 per 10k population
  • Chester – Monthly search volume: 303 per 10k population
  • Lincoln – Monthly search volume: 282 per 10k population
  • Inverness – Monthly search volume: 281 per 10k population
  • Wigan – Monthly search volume: 264 per 10k population

On the flip side, the study also highlighted the areas least worried about the cost-of-living crisis, with Wakefield securing the bottom spot with just 68 average monthly searches per 10,000 of its population.

In response to these findings, Simon Jones, CEO of Investing Reviews, commented, “The study is incredibly insightful as it enables us to identify what the biggest financial struggles are across the UK and where exactly in the UK those struggles are most prevalent.”

The concerns expressed through online searches shed light on the prevalent financial challenges faced by residents in various regions, providing valuable insights into the economic landscape and priorities for households during these challenging times.

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