Edinburgh Napier University appoints Lynne Cadenhead as Entrepreneur in Residence

Lynne Cadenhead, serial entrepreneur and chair of Women's Enterprise Scotland (WES), as ENU's newest Entrepreneur in Residence.

EDINBURGH NAPIER UNIVERSITY (ENU) has welcomed Lynne Cadenhead, serial entrepreneur and chair of Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES), as its newest Entrepreneur in Residence.

An alumna of ENU with a background in life sciences, Professor Lynne Cadenhead brings a wealth of experience to her new role. With a remarkable track record of starting and growing three successful businesses, Lynne possesses over 25 years of entrepreneurial, equity investment, and policy expertise.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavours, Lynne has been a dedicated advocate for women in business. As the chair of WES and Women’s Advocate and Investor Relations Director for Tricapital Angels Limited, she has played a significant role in supporting women’s entry into entrepreneurship.

In her capacity as Entrepreneur in Residence, Lynne Cadenhead will join The Royal Society’s Entrepreneur in Residence scheme, an integral part of the Science, Industry, and Translation program. This initiative aims to enhance knowledge and awareness of cutting-edge industrial science, research, and innovation within UK universities.

Lynne’s active involvement in fostering an entrepreneurial environment, particularly for women, aligns with ENU’s commitment to advancing gender equality and encouraging women in entrepreneurship. The university sees Lynne’s appointment as a crucial step toward creating a more inclusive and supportive atmosphere for women pursuing entrepreneurial endeavours.

Expressing her enthusiasm about the new role, Lynne Cadenhead said, “I am honoured to be taking up the role of Entrepreneur in Residence at Edinburgh Napier University. If we want to unlock Scotland’s economic potential, we need to champion the entrepreneurial spirit across academia and contribute to a culture of innovation.”

Lynne is particularly excited about supporting and inspiring women in enterprise, acknowledging the additional barriers they often face in starting and growing businesses. She sees this new role as an opportunity to actively contribute to the university’s commitment to fostering an inclusive entrepreneurial mindset.

Nick Fannin, Head of Enterprise at Bright Red Triangle, ENU’s enterprise hub, expressed delight at Lynne Cadenhead joining as the latest Entrepreneur in Residence. He highlighted Lynne’s incredible personal experience in building companies and her dedication to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurial women. 

Fannin believes Lynne’s expertise will profoundly impact students, staff, and alumni as they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, describing her presence as a tremendous asset to the university community. 

ENU is committed to positive change, and Lynne’s appointment aligns with the university’s mission to nurture and support women, enabling them to have a real impact in their academic careers and commercialise their research.

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