Edinburgh International Festival announces The Macallan as new principal partner for grand opening event

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EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL reveals The Macallan as its new Principal Partner for the grand opening event in August 2024, themed ‘Rituals That Unite Us.’ The collaboration aims to create a new ritual for the Festival City, with a large-scale outdoor event welcoming over 10,000 people.

Edinburgh International Festival has named The Macallan as its new Principal Partner for the highly anticipated opening event in August 2024. Themed ‘Rituals That Unite Us,’ the collaboration intends to establish a new collective ritual for the Festival City, bringing together art, heritage, and shared experiences.

The 2024 opening event is designed to be an immersive outdoor experience, engaging audiences in a transcendent world that explores Scotland’s rich cultural heritage, mythology, and history. With a focus on the Festival theme, the event aims to unite people in a shared celebration, welcoming both locals and global visitors.

Nicola Benedetti, Festival Director, expresses excitement about the partnership, stating, “This flourishing partnership will enable audiences to experience Festival traditions in new and extraordinary ways.” She emphasises the commitment to artistic innovation and collaboration, aligning with The Macallan’s ethos.

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Jaume Ferràs, Global Creative Director at The Macallan, highlights the significance of 2024 as the brand’s 200th anniversary, celebrating time and creativity. He expresses delight in collaborating with Edinburgh International Festival, emphasising the shared heritage, creativity, and artistic power of both entities.

The opening event is expected to be a visually stunning showcase, blending myths and reality, and drawing upon Scotland’s rich history of creativity and craftsmanship. Devised by a creative team led by Katy Fuller at Pinwheel, the event promises to be a grand celebration marking the commencement of the festival season in Edinburgh.

The full Edinburgh International Festival program will be unveiled on March 7, 2024, with ticket sales commencing on March 21, offering priority booking for members. Festival enthusiasts are encouraged to stay updated through the Edinburgh International Festival newsletter for the latest information.

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