Edinburgh consultancy develops new leadership programme

L-R James Crawford & Ian Gourlay, Actif4 co founders

EDINBURGH-headquartered leadership development consultancy Actif4 has launched a new programme aimed at helping the leaders of the future develop the skills and understanding needed to perform.

The new Actif4 Leadership Programme is being delivered through a partnership with business consultants – Ian Gourlay and James Crawford.

It is an intense development experience around the transition into highly effective leadership, based on growth and practical application, helping deliver a depth of insight with the power to transform individual and organisational effectiveness.  

The programme is based on 6 credit modules which equate to 480 hours of teaching, self-study and reflection spread over a 6 month period.

It will be subject to continuous assessment and is currently going through the final stages of accreditation for a formal award approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Ian Gourlay, Actif4 co-founder, said: “To thrive in these challenging times, leaders need to quickly embrace and execute innovative business approaches and strategies centred on personal and professional growth. Actif4 brings considerable value to delegates and organisations at a critical time with a scalable and proven approach to leadership development. It enables leaders to develop a more well-rounded view of themselves and of their unique leadership qualities .”

James Crawford, Actif4 co-founder, said: Right now, organisations are at a reflection and inflection point. Supporting and developing effective leaders has never been more important . Successful leadership depends heavily on a leaders’ own resilience, performance, and mindset, and these programmes are designed to develop these skills and understanding which are critical in translating action into performance.”

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