Dunedin IT launches free, bespoke workshops to help organisations improve use of technology

Jamie Clague, Director of Dunedin IT
  • Dunedin IT weekly private workshops to provide companies with free access to expert advice answering specific IT questions or gain more general knowledge about using technology to improve operations.

BUSINESSES looking for guidance on how to use technology to improve their business operations have a new source of information: Dunedin IT, one of Scotland’s most experienced technology and connectivity providers, has opened its free digital workshops to a wider audience.

Originally conceived to help Dunedin IT’s clients manage the move to lockdown, the regular workshops have proven to be a successful resource, prompting the company to expand its range of topics and allow any organisation to sign up.

Workshops are available every Wednesday for companies to book a bespoke session to review a topic of their choice. The workshops will cover a broad range of subjects, from specific questions around making the most of your phone systems or how to expand your use of Microsoft Teams, to more general topics such as streamlining processes, going officeless, or refreshing your IT strategy.

Jamie Clague, Technical Director at Dunedin IT, said: “The workshops were borne out of questions our clients had at the start of lockdown around how to manage remote work and stay connected despite being separated. However, they quickly turned into something bigger than that. We have now turned training into a two-way conversation which allows our own staff to become a closer part of our clients’ teams and really get to the heart of how technology can improve business operations. We hope to extend this by opening the sessions up to organisations that are not current clients.”

The digital workshops blend IT training with implementation, instantaneous feedback, and relationship building.

Angus Loudon, Chief Executive at St John Scotland, which has benefitted from the workshops, said: “We wanted to make significant changes to our use of technology, which necessitated a culture change, as well as some education around new systems. Dunedin IT’s digital workshops played a key role in this. We’ve so far attended several workshops, including demonstrations of new technologies and discussions on how they could work, as well as brainstorming solutions for various challenges. The Dunedin IT team was instrumental in bringing new perspectives to how we could use technology and helping us decide how to move forward. We’ll shortly be participating in another set of workshops around the deployment of the solutions we’ve chosen.”

Jamie added: “We have found the best results to come out of workshops where there is a mix of staff – from directors and managers down to more junior levels of staff who use the tools daily. Often, this mix will lead to conversations about how technology can help solve other challenges in the organisation. It’s also an opportunity for employees to upskill and have more control over their IT.”

Dunedin IT has held 100 workshops since March 2020 and is aiming to triple that number over the next year. This follows the company’s recent move to expand beyond being a technology provider and into the connectivity consultancy space.

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