Dundee Uni graduate hoping to inspire future entrepreneurs

Vladimir Zabnin

DUNDEE University business graduate Vladimir Zabnin is returning to his roots to help inspire future entrepreneurs with a stock market investment lecture as part of National Student Money Week.

Estonian-born Mr Zabnin is an expert analyst of stocks and shares and eight years after leaving the university with a BSc (Hons) in Financial Economics, he returns for the first time to share some of his investment secrets.

Known as the ‘Stock Doctor’, he takes to the stage at the Bonar Hall on Thursday, 7 March with a 90-minute presentation which he hopes will inspire students to consider the stock market as an investment vehicle, his talk a key element of this year’s NSAMA National Student Money Week campaign which aims to promote financial literacy and well-being among students. 

The 2024 focus is on the theme of ‘less risk, more reward’ with events revolving around topics such as budgeting, banking, investment strategies, financial health and wellbeing, and risky behaviours. 

“I’m really looking forward to going back to the university and delivering my presentation to the students at the Bonar Hall,” said Mr Zabnin, whose career in financial services has seen him work for Alliance Trust Savings, where he analysed asset data flows, and Baillie Gifford, where he was a portfolio analytics specialist.

“That was where I officially became a student in 2011 when I matriculated and where I went on to sit some of my economics exams so the venue has special meaning to me.

“The talk will look how students can really consider their own journey in stocks and shares; what do they need, what kind of tools they need, what is available to them. Many students aren’t aware that they can do this while at university – and that’s when I first got involved in the stock market.

“I was looking at ways to invest back in my university days and thought my business lectures would give me an insight. However, they were really more about how business works, the effect of supply and demand, and such like. But supply and demand also has an effect on the stock market and I will explain how that translates for investors. There should always be a conservative approach to investing in stocks and shares; it should always be boring! As soon as the excitement level rises, there’s the risk of taking gambles.”

Certified by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, the 33-year-old has lived in the city since graduating in 2016 and joins experts from the banking, finance, investment, and wellbeing sectors offering valuable insights and resources to students about optimising their financial health. 

“Inexperienced investors won’t be able to figure out what the next Amazon is going to be, or what is the next service that is going to transform people’s lives at the start of their journey – it’s all about small steps,” he said. “It’s about getting used to the ups and the downs, the swings that the stock market goes through, and I hope to provide some clarity on that.”

Sinead Mckinlay, community development officer at the university, said: “We are thrilled that Vladimir is participating in the University of Dundee’s National Student Money Week campaign. As an alumnus, he understands the needs of the student community and can provide valuable guidance. Furthermore, he is an excellent example of grassroots success from UoD and can inspire future entrepreneurs and business leaders with his story.”

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