Dundee residents can now access full fibre broadband with Zen and CityFibre 

Paul Stobart (CEO at Zen Internet)

WITH A third (33%) of adults in the UK ready to switch broadband provider within the next year, residents in Dundee today have access to a new broadband service, thanks to Zen Internet, the UK’s only Which? Recommended Provider for Broadband. Now, residents can also access the broadband service with Zen’s new discounted rates and no set up fee. 

The latest move from Zen, in collaboration with CityFibre, aims to transform the city’s digital capabilities. CityFibre has invested £40 million into Dundee infrastructure deployment as part of its nationwide Gigabit City Investment Programme. This comes as Zen and CityFibre have announced a major expansion to their strategic partnership, with Zen committing to deliver broadband services to consumers over CityFibre’s £4bn network investment, to eventually reach eight million homes in the UK. 

Paul Stobart, CEO at Zen Internet, said: “The next few years will be absolutely pivotal for connectivity in the home. Deemed the gold rush decade, the 2020s will see implementation of full fibre across the nation. By 2030, everyone will have made the switch to full fibre. Today, though, people in Dundee can get ahead of the curve by accessing Zen’s award-winning service delivered over CityFibre’s high quality infrastructure.

“Being named the only Which? Recommended Provider for Broadband for two consecutive years and topping the table for seven is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with a high-quality service. We want to inspire the residents of Dundee to choose the right path when it comes to their internet connectivity, which will in turn unlock the power of sharing, learning, and communication.” 

Allan McEwan, Area Manager for CityFibre in Dundee, said: “It is a pleasure to welcome Zen onto our full fibre network in Dundee as part of a growing list of ISPs. This provides consumers with increased choice when selecting broadband packages and I look forward to more and more people experiencing the benefits that our future-proof digital infrastructure has to offer.”

What can you do with gigabit speeds?

Full fibre broadband is a different type of connection than the UK has traditionally deployed. The old-fashioned copper wires that delivered traditional broadband were great for carrying phone calls, but can cause problems when used for data. Full fibre swaps these old-fashioned copper wires for a faster, more modern and reliable connection delivered via fibre optic cables.

Full fibre is currently available to circa 33% of the UK with speeds of up to 900Mbps. It has the capability to unlock the full potential of every smart device in the home and provides a solid platform for future proofing a home’s connectivity requirements with the capability to unlock any number of smart home applications and Internet of Things (IoT) devices of the future.

The new service can be accessed at a number of speed options starting at £28 per month for Full Fibre 100 and no connection fee. The service is available now to many homes, with Zen continuing to follow the CityFibre rollout across the Dundee over the coming months.

To check if the service is already available in your area or to sign up for availability updates visit www.zen.co.uk/cityfibre or call 01706 902 954.

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