Dundee lift firm gains right to bid for £65m of UK public sector contracts

Caltech Lifts Managing Director Andrew Renwick (right) with his brother and Technical Director, Fraser Renwick.

DUNDEE-based firm, Caltech Lifts, has been selected to bid for £65 million of public sector lift contracts.

Caltech Lifts is one of just 27 smaller businesses bidding in a UK 2020-24 lifts procurement framework – the first time the family-owned firm has won a place on the UK-wide list.

The framework will deliver design, installation, refurbishment and the servicing/maintenance of lifts to organisations such as central government, NHS trusts, emergency services and housing providers, for the next four years. It covers passenger/goods lifts and domestic lifts.

If successful in tendering for the contracts, it hopes to create new jobs to add to the 20 people it already employs.

Andrew Renwick, managing director, said:  “Our success, thanks to our track record and the skill of our public sector tenders team, shows Scotland’s other SMEs which deliver quality should aim to grow right now, straight out of lockdown, and create the new jobs Scotland needs to replace those being lost daily around us.

“Our success so far also demonstrates that great Scottish firms shouldn’t restrict their ambitions to Scotland. By seeking, spotting and going for the opportunities elsewhere too we can grow our best SMEs into large companies and help Scotland bounce back from Covid-19.”

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