Dundee digital marketing agency launches as social enterprise


A new Dundee-based digital marketing agency has been launched as a social enterprise and about more than profit.

Paul Caruana, Founder and Managing Director of Be Ambient Ltd, said “Most people think of a social enterprise as a community project or similar which is very localised and not for profit, but they can be about so much more, profit doesn’t have to negate social impact.”

“When I set up Be Ambient I knew I wanted to do something different and I wanted the company to be successful in more ways than just financially, by that I mean have a real impact in the city and region that we are based. After attending a couple of events and speaking to others I decided that social enterprise was the model I wanted to build the business on”.

“As a social enterprise we are committed to helping the local community by sharing at least 50% of our profits with good causes, charities and other social enterprises that have a real impact on the community. We are also committed to employing young people and the long term unemployed which also has a massive impact on not only the individuals but their families and the wider community.”

When asked about the name, Be Ambient, Paul replied “We as consumers/customers don’t like being sold to anymore, we like to research, engage and build trust before a purchase. As such our services are designed to help our clients become part of their customers’ environment, to interact with them how they want, when they want and where they want…to become Ambient”.

Be Ambient has big plans too and as part of these they are looking to expand into other cities across the UK, and internationally, over the coming years. Paul said “As we are a profit making organisation we have the opportunity to invest in the business and to expand into other cities and communities. My goal is to have offices in Glasgow or Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and London. Each of these offices will support their local communities in the same way that the Dundee office will. Dundee will remain our main office as we look to expand”.

As with all big ambitions, funding is essential and Be Ambient is currently looking at funding and investment options to allow the business to grow and develop quickly into other cities.

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