Dundee-based start-up experiences rapid growth amid pandemic


A DUNDEE-based disinfectant manufacturer has experienced a 12000% increase in sales due to demand for cleaning products during Covid-19, following support from Business Gateway.  

Erik Smyth launched Ecoanolytes in 2018, known under the consumer brand Disinfecting Electrolysed Water, (DEW) Products which has experienced rapid growth, expansion, and an increase in international clients as a result of the pandemic. All products are cruelty-free, reusable, refillable, and safe for use around young children, pets, and food prep areas. 

Following a surge in interest earlier this year, Erik turned to Business Gateway for a variety of start-up support services including one-to-one strategic counsel, advice on premises and exporting support. 

Business Gateway helped Erik unlock significant funding through Business Loan Scotland and Dundee City Council, which financed the firm’s rapid expansion and provided HR support to a team that grew from only two employees to 25, in a matter of months.  

DEW Products, the brand at the heart, is focused on Green Enterprise, manufactures an eco-friendly range of sanitising and cleaning products that use a PH skin friendly agent that is 30 times more effective than bleach at killing germs and virus’.  

The manufacturing start-up aims to build on this expansion by targeting international markets and is currently liaising with distributors in Germany, Greece, and Canada.

To support this growth, the team is currently looking for a third premises in Dundee to manufacture and store products sold through e-commerce, wholesale and overseas platforms. 

Erik, Director, Ecoanolytes, said: “It’s because of the support we received through Business Gateway and Dundee City Council that we have been able to capitalise on the opportunities presented to us during what has been an extremely challenging, yet unbelievably rewarding period. 

“The mentoring and support have been second to none. I’ve either phoned or emailed my adviser, Andrew, almost every day and feel very fortunate to have had the Business Gateway team as a sounding board during the pandemic.   

“COVID-19 has not just been an accelerator from an e-commerce point of view, it’s made every consumer and business rethink what they buy, where they buy it and how they buy it. We’re currently providing refills and products to a range of businesses that we’d never have been able to get in front of had it not been for the pandemic and we hope that as we continue to expand the business, the future of cleaning is more sustainable with Dew Products.” 

Andrew Webster, Adviser, Business Gateway, said: “Many sectors have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, so it’s excellent to see how Ecoanolytes has been able to capitalise on new opportunities and thrive.    

“The commitment and drive shown by Erik and all the team at Ecoanolytes, combined with a bespoke package of Business Gateway support services, have successfully leveraged the business into position for sustained growth and global expansion. I am confident that the business and the DEW Products brand are well placed to move forward, despite the potentially uncertain times ahead.” 

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