Duncan and Todd Group launches advanced hearing care service

A Hearsmart appointment

LEADING Scottish optician and hearing care provider, Duncan and Todd Group has launched an all-in-one hearing care appointment in direct response to the rapid growth of demand for ear and hearing healthcare services. 

Having first launched its audiology service in 2018, the new service, branded Hearsmart, includes an advanced all-in-one ear health check and ear wax removal using Tympa technology. 

Head of audiology at Duncan and Todd Group, Philip Kenny, said: “Tympa technology brings together three different diagnostic and treatment systems into one hand-held portable system. It allows us to perform high-definition digital otoscopy, micro-suction wax removal and carry out a hearing screening.” 

Available at select Duncan and Todd branches, including 37 Belmont Street, Aberdeen and Westhill Shopping Centre, specially trained ear care professionals will use micro-suction to remove the wax – the gold standard of wax removal and considered safer than other methods of removal.  

This process is shown in HD video, allowing the patient to see inside their own ear in real-time.  

“Once the wax has been removed, a hearing screen can then be performed to better understand whether hearing loss has been caused by a buildup of ear wax, or whether the patient has a level of hearing loss,” continued Philip.  

“If they do have hearing loss the ear care professional may refer them to an audiologist for further investigation.”  

Duncan and Todd’s new service, which costs £65, comes after reports that a significant proportion of the UK population may have declining hearing.  

It is estimated there are approximately 11 million people in the country with hearing loss, making it the second most common disability in the UK. 

A number of factors have contributed to this, including an ever-increasing ageing population, exposure to loud noises such as music and machinery, the increased use of headphones, and even the way we clear our ears using cotton ear buds.  

Philip explained: “Unfortunately most people ignore the signs of hearing loss, which can show itself in a variety of different forms. Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. It often comes on gradually as we get older, but it can sometimes happen suddenly.  

“After gaining a better understanding of signs and symptoms, as well as building up a picture of a patient’s lifestyle, an audiologist can offer help and advice on all options available for treatment, including private hearing solutions that best suit the patient’s individual needs and surroundings. 

“Much like a lens can be used to show how glasses can improve vision, hearing aids and wearable technology can show the benefits of using these to the patient. It really is vital we look after our hearing, just like we would our sight.” 

Since 2018, Duncan and Todd Group has invested significantly in hearing care and now offers this service across Scotland, with free hearing tests and supply, fitting and tuning of a comprehensive range of hearing aids, including digital aids.  

For more information on audiology, visit: https://www.duncanandtoddgroup.com/services/hearing 

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