Dumyat site acquired to help tackle climate change with reforestation project

Craig Gullies with Stirling and the Wallace Tower in the distance

THE Future Forest Company has acquired the Dumyat Estate near Stirling with plans to plant over 250,000 native trees to help address climate change, restore degraded habitats and contribute to local communities.

The innovative company, which already manages a range of woodland sites across Scotland including Brisbane Mains in Largs, will use reforestation, habitat restoration and regenerative agriculture practises to deliver a positive impact for the environment.

With around a quarter of all UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority species associated with trees and woodland, the reforestation project will provide a habitat for a diverse range of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, plants, and fungi all of which will contribute to the continued good health of the forest. The natural regeneration of trees and plants will be allowed to progress on some of the sites steepest and least accessible terrain.

The site will provide local jobs and volunteering opportunities while also serving as an educational and research resource at all stages from primary school groups to academic research, improving access for all. Set as the backdrop to the iconic Wallace Monument, it is hoped the project will also improve the landscape and the local environment by increasing species diversity through habitat creation. 

The Future Forest Company will be hosting a community consultation drop-in session at Stirling University Innovation Park in the Dumyat room at Scion house from 2pm to 7pm on Monday 21st of March. The in-person event will beopen for all to attend, allowing local residents and those who currently use Dumyat for recreation purposes to meet with the team, hear more about the plans and discuss how the communities can work together with The Future Forest Company on the project. An online survey will also be available to provide the community with further opportunity to offer feedback on the plans.

Estate Manager at the Future Forest Company , Jamie Adcock, said: “We’ve spent the last six months gathering all the information we need to make educated decisions about how we manage the land including surveys of archaeology, breeding birds, and vegetation amongst many others. It’s now important we take into account the public opinion on our plans in order to make decisions that will positively impact the local community and wider users of the site.”

Jade Rein, Co-Founder of the Future Forest Company, added: “Dumyat is a fantastic site for our next reforestation project and we look forward to returning the site to woodland by planting native trees, reducing the impact of carbon emissions. We know how much Dumyat means for local communities in Stirling, Clackmannanshire and the surrounding area, so look forward to working closely with residents and organisations to protect the planet for future generations, whilst ensuring access to Dumyat continues.”

For more information on The Future Forest Company and the Dumyat site visit thefutureforestcompany.com/Dumyat.

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