Dulas Scottish HQ celebrates 10 years

Dulas Renewable Energy Specialist, Stirling, Celebrate 10 years

ONE of the UK’s longest-established renewable energy specialists is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the opening of its first Scottish office.

Dulas was established in Wales in 1982, and throughout the 2000s saw its Scottish client base expand significantly. The company opened a Scottish base in Stirling in 2010.

Since then, Dulas has opened a second office in Inverness to support the expanding wind measurement business and is committed to expanding Scottish operations over the coming years.

Scotland has historically been the engine of renewables growth in the UK due to the perfect conditions for renewable power, owing to the country’s abundance of natural resources and a broadly supportive government. Given Scotland’s position within the renewables market, it boasts a large number of high-quality energy specialists and is at the forefront of the transition from a fossil-fuel based economy to one in which renewables play the leading role.

Managing Director Ruth Chapman said “We are proud of our track record in Scotland and since opening our dedicated office here, we’ve delivered an extraordinary range of high-performing projects. These include multiple river-run hydro schemes and a large number of wind monitoring installations across the country for clients as diverse as landowners and major electricity suppliers.”

She continued, “As the demand for our services has grown, we’ve recruited more specialists in planning, hydro and wind supply and maintenance. We are thrilled to see our vehicles and teams criss-crossing the beautiful Scottish landscape to serve our customers.”

Dulas is approaching its 40th birthday, and as one of the oldest businesses in the renewables sector, it is still acknowledged as one of the leading lights of the green energy industry. Over the past four decades, the company has delivered projects all over the globe but continues to value its strong links with Scotland.

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