Drinks brand launches ‘UK’s first clinically tested drink which aims to revive and replenish the body’


A Glasgow-based drinks brand has developed and launched the UK’s first clinically tested drink which aims to revive and replenish the body.

Bounce Back Drinks, a multi-award-winning developer of the UK’s first clinically tested revival drink and a participant in Royal Bank of Scotland’s Entrepreneur Accelerator programme, has now launched in the UK with four members of staff.

Co-founders Vandana Vijay and Dhruv Trivedi moved from Mumbai, India to set up their business in Glasgow five years ago after being invited by the British Government under the Sirius Programme. Since then, they have won the Scottish Edge awards for two consecutive years (2014 and 2015) and an Outstanding Achievement Award from the UK Government.

The Royal Bank of Scotland’s Entrepreneur Accelerator is the UK’s largest free business accelerator network, providing attendees with mentoring, insight and bespoke coaching to entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

Vandana Vijay, Director and Co-founder of Bounce Back Drinks, said: “We developed Bounce Back to actively replenish the body and it’s packed with the vital prebiotics, amino acids, vitimans and minerals to refresh and energise. 

“Bounce Back Drinks has undergone clinical studies, detailed market research and tests, and created 54 iterations of the drink, in order to get the best product to the consumer.”

John Willoughby, Accelerator Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland, said: “The launch of Bounce Back Drinks is thanks to Vandana and Dhruv’s ambition to integrate advances in life sciences and food technology to the consumer’s everyday life. Vandana has been heavily involved in the Entrepreneur Accelerator programme for a number of years and has benefited from the mentoring and coaching provided and continues to support fellow participants, as an integral part of building a strong start-up network.”

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