Draconian laws threaten Scottish business

First Minister Nichola Sturgeon

NICOLA Sturgeon triggers outrage as she attempts to make permanent the draconian laws implemented throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for future use.

This move would grant the Scottish Government the power to shut down businesses, set curfews, close schools, and isolate the nation at the drop of a hat.

The administration claimed this move would help protect citizens against public health threats in the future but their sentiments are not shared by all. The plans have sparked outrage and controversy, as the opposition dub it a “power grab” and an alarming and unnecessary overreach”.

Despite Scotland’s top QC warning the government that the move would not be “in the public interest”, the SNP are doubling down on an idea that is supported by fewer than 25% of the population.

The Dean of Faculty of Advocates noted that this would set a precedent for ministers to pass laws at short notice without the approval of parliament. For now, the SNP seem intent on picking at the fabric of our legal system so long as it suits them.

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