DLA Piper partners with Game Changer Performance to deliver innovative health and fitness challenge for clients

DLA Piper GCP partnership

LEADING global law firm DLA Piper has partnered with human performance specialists Game Changer Performance (GCP) to deliver a unique challenge for clients during the autumn months, focused on supporting their health and fitness.

With lawyers located in more than 40 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, DLA Piper has offices and clients across the UK. Health & Performance experts GCP will be working 1:1 via their digital coaching platform to provide bespoke health and fitness programmes for the infrastructure clients who have signed up for the autumn challenge.

As well as having access to their own world class performance coach, DLA Piper’s clients will be able to: integrate their fitness wearables and apps so their coach can monitor physical activity, access bespoke workouts tailored each week for their individual needs with guidance from GCP’s comprehensive exercise video library, track their nutrition each day to ensure they are fuelling correctly, access a range of related health and fitness content to support their challenge each week and celebrate and share their successes via a group chat function.

The culmination of the challenge in December will see the clients attend a performance day at the Football Association’s National Football Centre, St George’s Park (SGP). The day will revolve around GCP’s multi-disciplinary team of human performance specialists, including physiotherapists, physical performance coaches, nutritionists and psychologists providing a range of workshops and 1:1s for the clients to engage with, focused on lifestyle, mindset and movement.

GCP’s Performance Coach Matthew Jones said, “This is a fantastic initiative by DLA to provide something meaningful and impactful for their clients. Getting access to high quality health and fitness support can be challenging as there is so much misinformation out there. By partnering with us at GCP, DLA can cut out the noise and confidently ensure that the programmes and guidance our team provides are of the highest quality for its clients.

“Our experience in working with professional athletes and teams shows that we are trusted to provide high quality human performance services to people whose profession depends on being at the peak of physical and mental performance. In working with DLA’s clients we will provide the exact same level of service and care to them to ensure that we are supporting their lifestyle, mindset and movement across the coming months; supporting both their physical and mental health. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know the team at DLA and we look forward to working with them and their clients over the next few months.”

DLA Piper Partner and International Head of Infrastructure Funds, Alison Fagan said, “We are always keen to engage with clients and to do so in innovative ways, so partnering with GCP to deliver a wellness based, team building initiative on a remote platform was a fabulous opportunity for us.  We are all looking forward to jumping into the programme with our clients in the infrastructure industry and meeting at the end of the challenge at St George’s Park (a world class facility) to celebrate our success! We hope that this is the start of a really exciting engagement with our client base and something that we can expand in the future.” 

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