DGC Celebrates as Student Reaches National Apprenticeship Final


Dumfries and Galloway College (DGC) is celebrating after student Reece Irving secured a place in the final of the SECTT’s Apprentice of the Year competition.

The event, held at DGC’s Crichton Campus in Dumfries, saw Irving emerge as a prize-winner among competitors from colleges across the West of Scotland.

Reece Irving, an apprentice with Derek Mitchell Group in Dumfries, won the second-year apprentice of the year for the West Region.

This victory propels him to the national final in Edinburgh, where he will compete against other regional winners.

Joanna Campbell, Principal, Dumfries and Galloway College, said: “SECTT’s Apprentice of the Year competition was a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills.

“It was a thrill to see Reece wow the judges and make it through to the grand final in Edinburgh — and everyone at DGC will be rooting for him once again.”

As Reece Irving prepares for the national final in Edinburgh, his success not only showcases his talent, it reflects positively on the quality of training provided by Dumfries and Galloway College.

The SECTT (Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust) annually collaborates with lecturers to identify top-performing apprentices from 22 approved centres across Scotland.

The competition is divided into three regional heats—north, west, and east—with winners advancing to the final.

Another DGC apprentice, Thomas Rae, who also participated in the first-year competition, he is employed by Lotus Electrical in Dumfries.

The SECTT Apprentice of the Year competition highlights the skills and dedication of electrical apprentices across Scotland.

The competition serves as a platform to recognise excellence in the electrical trade and inspire future generations of skilled professionals in the industry.

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