Despicable “Missing pet” scammers targeting Scots

Colin Mathieson, spokesperson for

A SCAM is circulating in Scotland with scammers contacting people who have missing pets.

Scammers claim to be calling from a vet, advising that the missing animal has been found and needs immediate treatment with payment required upfront.

The new scam has today been highlighted by Perth and Kinross Council Trading Standards team.

Advice Direct Scotland, which runs the national service, has issued advice to pet owners on how to avoid being scammed and urged people to report scams at

Colin Mathieson, spokesperson for, said:

“Scammers can be very convincing in their approach, and it is despicable that these individuals are taking advantage of people at a vulnerable time. 

“It’s important that you don’t share any of your personal or banking information with people contacting you out of the blue like this. 

“Contact the vet that the scammer is claiming to be calling from using the official number from the vet’s website, or phone number officially listed for them online, or with directory enquiries.

“Scots consumers can report suspected scams and suspicious activity using the quick reporting tool at, or alternatively contact one of our specialist consumer advisers for free, impartial and practical advice.”

If you suspect that someone who contacts you is a scammer, remember:

  • Remain calm – hang up if you are at all unsure.
  • Don’t share personal information – this can be used to perpetrate further scams.
  • Don’t share banking or payment information.
  • Contact the official party using listed numbers – check online, or with directory enquiries and contact using these details
  • Report suspected scams at – you might be able to help others.

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