daysoft launches new website and subscription service for affordable contact lenses

daysoft has launched a new website and subscription service for affordable contact lenses

DIRECT-TO-CUSTOMER contact lens Glasgow-based company daysoft has launched a new website , making it easy for customers to effortlessly create and end contact lens subscription orders or switch to pay-as-you-go at any time to meet their contact lens supply needs. 

Nearly a quarter of consumers (22 percent) feel overwhelmed by the various subscriptions they are locked into research found. The study carried out in the US by C+R Research also discovered on average consumers spend $133 more than they realise a month on various subscriptions.

With families facing more economic uncertainty this winter and rising costs for everyday healthcare products, daysoft customers are being offered full flexibility to switch between a simple subscription service and one-off payments for contact lenses.

Affordability has been a central ethos for daysoft, which produces the world’s most affordable contact lenses, with prices starting at 20 pence per lens, including UK delivery. 

Through its new service, daysoft hopes to prevent customers spending excessive money on long subscription contracts, and instead have full flexibility over their orders. 

After three years of preparation, daysoft’s new streamlined website includes a range of new features centred on the ability to effortlessly switch between subscription and pay-as-you-go payment options.

It will run alongside existing daysoft features including 24/7 access to daysoft’s Customer Care team, next-day delivery across the UK and a money-back promise on all orders. 

daysoft founder, Ron Hamilton said: “The most important change is making it as easy to skip a subscription order or end a subscription service as it is to get into it. 

“Nothing frustrates me more than companies that make it really hard to vary or cancel their subscription service. We have great trust with our customers and the one thing I said from the outset is it has to be as easy to change or end a repeat order as it is to start it.

“The fundamental question we asked was, how can we put our customers in control? Our new system makes purchases hassle-free and empowers customers to avoid long-term subscription contracts and choose payment options that work for them”.

Margaret Macneil, Director of Customer Services at daysoft, said: “The new changes will help the tens of thousands of daysoft customers that place repeat orders month by month.

“By choosing a new subscription option, they can have their repeat orders placed automatically, saving them time and money and making their life easier”.

daysoft-direct  was founded in 2006 by Ron Hamilton – the inventor of the first-daily disposable lens – and employs 150 staff at its lens manufacturing and order fulfilment centre near Glasgow, Scotland.

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