Covid Prevention Spray distribution license secured by Scottish company

John Hall of Microshield 360

A REVOLUTIONARY anti-microbial nano coating spray that kills all variants of Covid-19 for 12 months, including Omicron, has been brought to the UK and Ireland by a Scottish based company, creating several new jobs.

Microshield 360, developed in conjunction with Ohio State University, prevents Covid and related infections from living on desks, door handles and a range of other surfaces for 12 months from a single treatment. The coating has treated over 3,000 sites globally including multinational operations McDonalds and Flexjet, as businesses search for a longer lasting solution to office sanitisation other than daily cleaning. 

The UK and Ireland distribution license for the preventative coating system, originally developed as a mould treatment, has been secured by John Hall with clients already including a number of schools, golf clubs and offices, resulting in the creation of a number of new jobs as the company meets demand for the technology.

John Hall, Microshield 360 Executive Chair, said: “There is nothing else like Microshield 360 on the market, offering 12 months protection from just one application. The spray is FDA and EPA approved in the US for use on over 1,500 different surfaces, and by the European Chemicals Agency (EHCA) in the UK. 

“Cough droplets and exhaled aerosol particles land on the first surface they hit, where they last for up to 95 times longer than in the air. Traditional cleaning or using antibacterial wipes only kills what’s already there, it offers no forward protection and is subject to human error. The Microshield electrostatic application is like putting paint on a car body – it ensures a complete and even coating with no possibility of gaps.”

Traditional methods of disinfection use leaching technologies, where a chemical becomes detached from the surface. Antimicrobial coating permanently bonds once applied. It then imparts a mechanical kill when coming into contact and neutralizing a microorganism.

The Renaissance Golf Club, home of the Scottish Open, are one of Microshield 360’s first clients. 

Jerry Sarvadi, CEO of the Renaissance Golf Club, said: “This anti Covid treatment has given our staff, members and their guests peace of mind and reassurance that the Club is a safe environment and that we are doing everything possible to protect their health and wellbeing”. 

Renaissance wanted to implement an extra measure that caused minimal disruption to the club. The coating is nontoxic meaning it was able to be applied to every surface in one overnight session and there was no downtime required to move anything or bring in any ventilation equipment.

John Hall added: “We have had particular interest from schools and the private sector, hoping to prevent the spread of Covid as well as the regular cycle of winter bugs that result in large scale absence. We are also in discussion with a number of hotel groups who are looking to safeguard their staff and guests in a cost-effective way.

“Cleaning is the ultimate example of bolting the stable door. It’s much better to protect the next person, and the one after that – for the next 12 months.”

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