College thrilled to play a part in former student’s football hit No Scotland No Party

Nick Morgan

Prestwick postie Nick Morgan has hit the headlines with his Euro 2024 football anthem No Scotland No Party — and hailed Ayrshire College for helping him go global!

The track pays homage to Scotland’s success — or a lack of in recent years — and is sung to the tune of a popular Argentine song about superstar Diego Maradona.

It has already been featured on Channel 4 News, BBC, Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine Show and quickly went viral on TikTok, with more than four million views, as well as being played by Argentinian TV, radio stations and across newspaper pages.

But before he decided to release the tune, Nick, who studied HNC and HND Music at Ayrshire College during 2017-2018, gave his former college lecturer, Murray Baxter, a sneak preview and asked him for advice.

Mr Baxter, Lecturer in Music & Sound Production, Ayrshire College, said: “Nick was a great student when he studied here and it was quite surreal having a conversation on the phone to him about this single being released while looking at his picture, which is framed on the wall in the Music Department. 

“He had phoned to ask some advice on releasing the track and I had the privilege to hear it a good few weeks before it was released and knew it would take off. His creativity and quirky lyrics are on point… it’s great to see!”

And Nick was quick to pay tribute to his music mentor and the College. He said: “Murray has been an invaluable mentor throughout this process. His deep knowledge of the music industry has been incredibly helpful, particularly when it came to deciding the best time to release the track.

“His advice was instrumental in ensuring we got the timing just right. I’m grateful for his guidance and support.

“It’s just surreal to be honest, to think across the globe people in South America are listening to the track and it’s been talked about on TV and on radio.”

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