City Building on the hunt for new suppliers in £500m new framework package

Alan Burns, Executive Director of City Building and Cllr Allan Cassey

CITY Building is on the hunt for new suppliers as the business launches its latest procurement initiative.

The leading construction firm is placing its strong social and sustainable values at the core of its newly updated subcontractor framework, and is calling on local businesses across Scotland to bid for a place on a framework with potential workload flows of up to £500m or more.

The firm, which undertakes a variety of work within Scotland’s construction industry – from building social housing to completing municipal building refurbishments on some of Glasgow’s iconic architecture including the Mitchell Library and Kelvingrove Art Gallery as well as delivering repairs and maintenance and refurbishment works has opened all of its procurement opportunities to all sizes of companies with particular focus on SMEs.

Services that the framework aids to appoint range from all building core trades, ground investigation and demolition, traditional heating and renewable technologies to specialist construction techniques like stone masonry and metal work.

The previous framework received wide praise from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Scotland, for its strong focus on delivering major economic boosts to Glasgow’s SME community.

Previously, more than four-fifths (82.5%) of the 136 successful applicants were SMEs (small-medium sized businesses), delivering a major economic boost to Glasgow’s SME community.

Under the new framework, tendering firms will be subject to a detailed evaluation that examines community, environmental, and economic impact.

This comes as part of City Building’s commitment to sustainable development that aims to create positive and lasting legacies for future generations and inspire change in local communities.

To be successful, firms will need to evidence their commitment to community development within their bid. This could include highlighting a commitment to fair workplace practices such as efforts to provide continuous professional development, a commitment to providing employees with a living wage or to ensuring equality of opportunity in recruitment and progression for under-represented groups.

A strong focus on environmental impact and sustainability are further key to successful appointment. Bidding contractors have been challenged to highlight sustainability efforts, such as evidencing an accredited environmental management system or company environmental policy, procedures, and training as part of bids.

City Building’s Executive Director, Alan Burns said: “City Building is on a mission to build a sustainable future, and that mission starts internally but also with our partner organisations. The updated subcontractor framework ensures that both City Building and all associated suppliers behave in a socially and environmentally responsible manor, benefiting the communities we work and live within.

“As our business has grown so too has the number of opportunities for businesses of all sizes to play their part in that and we are really proud of our new framework which opens the door to even the smallest of local businesses.

“City Building is proud to continue to drive economic growth and create high quality, sustainable employment opportunities through its subcontractor agreement. I wish all tendering firms the best of luck.”

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