City Building launches 2021 apprentice recruitment drive

City Building new apprentices with Cllr Alan Casey

TO mark Scottish Apprentice Week 2021 (1-5 March), Glasgow-based construction firm, City Building, has confirmed that 60 new apprentices will be recruited as part of its annual intake this year.  

As one of Scotland’s largest employers of apprentices, City Building trains more than 200 plumbers, engineers, joiners and painters each year. The four-year programme sees 80% of apprentices taking up full-time roles with City Building once qualified.  

In 2020, the firm was forced to adapt its popular training programme to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, which led to hundreds of apprentices learning online. City Building is currently only carrying out essential works, and as a result, some of the practical elements required of the apprentice programme have been delayed. 

Typically, City Building’s apprentice applications open in March, but following delays caused by the pandemic this year applications open at the end of April, giving existing apprentices time to receive the required practical training. 

Cllr Alan Casey, Chair of City Building, said: “An apprenticeship is a fantastic pathway into a career for our city’s young people. Opening our applications for apprenticeships is always a highly anticipated moment among City Building employees and something we all look forward to. 

“We are disappointed to have to push back the process this year, but we are committed to ensuring that our apprentices get the best possible training and have the confidence in their abilities. When we open applications this Spring, we’ll provide all applicants with support to help them prepare for the interview process, including links to mock tests and specific information about each trade. 

“It’s a difficult time for young people. As lots of industries struggle in the face of the pandemic, there are fewer job opportunities for those coming out of school or college. An apprenticeship is a great way to learn new skills in a practical and educational setting, and I’d encourage all young people to consider it their first step on the career ladder.” 

City Building delivers SCQF level 6 and 7 qualifications in a number of disciplines. The firm has an impressive track record in apprenticeship qualification rates, with a 94% qualifying compared to an industry average of 75%.  

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