Choosing Service Providers For You As A Sole Trader: What To Look Out For

One of the easiest ways to start your own business is to register as a sole trader

LAUNCHING a business can be tough, and it might seem daunting when you see all of the options available to you. One of the easiest ways to start your own business is to register as a sole trader

You’ll be able to register as a sole trader working alone, and can work on the project you want and grow your service offering. 

Once you have set up your business as a sole trader, you will need to find certain service providers to work with, to benefit and protect you. You may need to choose an IT support business to work with, or find an insurer specialising in small business insurance for self-employed people. This article will explain what you need to know about choosing service providers for your new business now you’re a sole trader. 

Search For Experience 

When you are looking for a service provider for your sole trader operation, you should ensure you are searching for experienced experts. Look for teams that have the expertise you need and that have worked with other companies in your industry.  

If possible, check out the case studies available on their website or any client testimonials. You should also explore their social media and company reviews online to learn more about their reputation. 

Ensure They Have Good Customer Service

One of the most important things you should think about when looking for a service provider is how good their customer service is. Even if the service you’re paying for is incredibly effective, it will be of no use if you can’t communicate with the provider when you need them.

Whether the service is for the day-to-day running of your business or occasional support, if you can’t reach your supplier then you will struggle to make the most of their services. One good example of the importance of getting great customer service from your insurance provider. If you need a quote or more information, then you need to be assured that this will be provided promptly. 

You also want to make sure that you get support that’s personal and tailored to your unique needs. For example, Suited has a UK-based call centre, providing a team ready to help when you need them. They’re available throughout the week for small business customers, so they can provide you with support when you it. 

Find Providers That Are Honest On Costs

Transparancy when it comes to costs is of vital importance. You will find that many businesses will either not inform you of their costs, to begin with, or won’t be clear about any additional fees you might have to pay.  

It will benefit you and your business to find a provider with clear information about how much you’ll have to pay. Even better, it will be beneficial if you are able to find a provider that is willing to talk to you about the price and negotiate, so you can find a deal that suits both parties.  

A good way to find out how honest a service provider is regarding their prices is to look at their reviews. Look at the reviews from their former clients and their current ones so that you can get the fullest picture possible.

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