Change Waste Recycling to provide funding for Social Bite village as part of new partnership with Social Bite

Left to Right: Forbes Conner (CEO at Change Waste Recycling) and Josh Littlejohn MBE (Co-founder & Executive Director, Social Bite)

CHANGE Waste Recycling, a leading waste and resource management company, has announced a three-year partnership with Social Bite, a charity dedicated to ending homelessness in Scotland and across the UK.

Under a new ownership structure, Change Waste Recycling has chosen a new charity partner. The decision to partner with Social Bite was made after careful consideration by its leadership team and 55 dedicated staff members. This choice was motivated by the recognition of several key synergies between the two organisations.

Change Waste Recycling, which provides award-winning recycling and waste management services, and Social Bite who provide homes, jobs, food, and support to empower people to transform their own lives, both share Scottish roots and have grown nationally, to drive change, challenge the status quo, and provide innovative, high-quality solutions for issues within environmental and social sectors.

The partnership will see Change Waste Recycling raise over £62k for Social Bite across three years, to help deliver some of Social Bite’s ambitious projects including the plan to build two new Social Bite Villages. Since the partnership launched, Change Waste has also employed someone through Social Bite’s Jobs First programme which provides supported employment for people who have experienced homelessness.

Employees at the organisation are participating in Social Bite’s year-round campaign initiatives, including its annual Christmas campaign – Festival of Kindness – which aims to provide hot Christmas meals and gifts to people most in need over the winter months.

Further to financial and fundraising support, the organisations will be working together to provide training to Change Waste’s drivers, empowering employees on what to do in a situation where a driver suspects someone needs immediate aid and support. Change Waste Recycling will be branding the company’s fleet of vehicles, to raise national awareness of the partnership and its support of Social Bite’s mission to end homelessness.

Josh Littlejohn MBE, co-founder and Executive Director of Social Bite, expressed his gratitude for the partnership, saying: “We’re incredibly thankful to the Change Waste Recycling team for their decision to partner with Social Bite. We’ve seen how powerful partnerships like these can be for providing real lasting change and we couldn’t be prouder to partner with a company that shares similar values and believes in a brighter future. The partnership will play a huge role in the support we provide to people experiencing homelessness “

Forbes Connor, CEO at Change Waste Recycling, echoed this excitement, stating: “We’ve admired the inspirational and transformative work Social Bite does for a long time now, so to have the opportunity to support them over the next three years is something we’re very proud of. Social Bite has such a positive impact on the lives of so many people, and I’m thrilled that the team and I will be able to support this important cause.”

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