Challenge to Scottish bosses after study reveals no drop in productivity when working from home

A new study has revealed there's no overall drop in productivity when staff work from home rather than the workplace.

A NEW study has revealed there’s no overall drop in productivity when staff work from home rather than the workplace.

And it’s led to a challenge for Scottish business bosses: Let your team choose where they want to work to improve retention and overall happiness.

“Hybrid working has gone from being a privilege a few years ago, to something staff are now expecting,” said local technology expert Alex Currens, of Acu IT Solutions.

“I think work was heading in this direction anyway. The pandemic just accelerated the change. Smart employers are realising they need to be fully flexible to keep their people happy.”

Alex has been reading details of a study into the impact of home working on productivity. It was carried out before the pandemic, after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas in the US. The study looked at productivity before, during, and after a prolonged stretch of remote working.  Researchers found company and employee resilience may be enhanced by remote work. And also discovered there was no overall drop in the level of output. 

“The key is making sure your team’s at home technology is as easy as the tech they use at work,” added Alex.

“Just giving them a laptop isn’t enough. You have to look at their internet speeds, their access to collaboration tools, and even their video call setup.”

“Some employers even go as far as providing new office furniture including brand name chairs, standing desks, extra monitors, laptop docks and ergonomic keyboards,” he added.

Acu IT Solutions was formed in 2005 and specialises in providing IT support to local businesses throughout Scotland.

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