CfD success for EDF Renewables Scottish Stornoway and Stranoch wind farms

EDF Renewables existing operational Burnhead wind farm near Falkirk

TWO EDF Renewables UK projects bid into the Contract for Difference (CfD) auction round held by the UK Government’s BEIS department have been successful.

The projects are the Stornoway wind farm on the Isle of Lewis and Stranoch wind farm in Dumfries and Galloway. Together these onshore wind farms will provide 300 MW of low carbon electricity which is an important contribution to reaching net zero.

The CfD scheme is a UK Government mechanism which supports low-carbon electricity generation. It does this by providing developers with a stabilised price for their electricity output, protecting them from fluctuating wholesale prices. This incentivises investment by developers and also shields consumers from paying support costs when electricity prices are high.

EDF Renewables UK’s CEO Matthieu Hue said: “This is fantastic news for our two projects which we are looking forward to building and further contributing to the UK’s net zero targets. Another 10.79 GW of renewables is definitely a hugely positive move in the right direction.”

“It has been great to see onshore wind and solar included in the CfD auction as they are cost competitive and quick to build. These are very important benefits at a time where energy security and the cost of living are in sharp focus.”

“We are disappointed our Blyth 2 project did not win a CfD as we firmly believe the project would be key to enabling more floating offshore wind projects. Our priority now will be to look at other ways to deliver this.”

Stornoway Wind Farm on the Isle of Lewis is a joint venture with Wood. The project has won a CfD for 200 MW capacity, the strike price was £46.39, the target commissioning date is 31 March 2027.

Stranoch wind farm has won a CfD for 99.96 MW capacity, the strike price was £42.47, the target commissioning date is 31 March 2025.

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