Candid Construction Scotland breaks new ground in B2B Market with Business Gateway support

Barry Higgins, Angela Higgins, Thomas Murray, Candid Construction

In a testament to the power of expert guidance and strategic support, Candid Construction Scotland Limited, a Lanarkshire-based business specialising in low-carbon construction services, has successfully made its mark in the competitive B2B market, thanks to the invaluable assistance provided by Business Gateway.

Established in 2020, Candid Construction Scotland Limited is a dynamic multi-trade construction company operating across the Scottish central belt. Led by directors Barry Higgins, Thomas Murray, and Angela Higgins, the company is dedicated to delivering a wide range of services, from foundations and civil work to constructing diverse domestic and commercial buildings. With a keen focus on sustainability, the Candid team actively embraces the challenges associated with environmentally friendly materials and practices.

Recognizing the potential for growth and eager to expand their commercial customer base, Barry, Thomas, and Angela turned to Business Gateway for guidance. Through Business Gateway’s suite of growth business services, the trio received one-to-one support from a dedicated business adviser, paving the way for the formulation of a strategic plan for future expansion.

Business Gateway played a pivotal role in facilitating meaningful introductions for Candid Construction, connecting the team with Eliot Jordan, an Economic Development Officer with South Lanarkshire Council. Eliot proved instrumental in identifying employment and sales opportunities, ultimately inviting the business to participate in the Build Lanarkshire Programme, a collaborative effort with Hub South West and North Lanarkshire Council. This program equipped Candid Construction with the necessary tools to secure lucrative new contracts, opening doors to further success.

Additionally, the business directors benefited from a dedicated supplier development program, gaining access to a plethora of public sector contracting opportunities. Expert Help support from Business Gateway further empowered the team, offering personalised guidance on procurement, strategy, and digital support, including vital insights on cybersecurity and digital marketing.

Barry Higgins, Director of Candid Construction Scotland, expressed his gratitude for Business Gateway’s support, stating, “Business Gateway has been a massive support since we first approached them, and we can’t thank them enough for their ongoing support. It really has helped us grow as a business and break into new markets.”

Teresa Devlin, Business Gateway adviser, highlighted the comprehensive assistance provided to Candid Construction, saying, “We were able to support Barry, Thomas, and Angela with a range of our growth business services, which involved one-to-one guidance and helping develop their business network. I look forward to watching the business continue to grow in the future.”

Looking ahead, Candid Construction Scotland is focused on enhancing the visibility of its low-carbon construction services, with a commitment to sustainable growth. Their continued collaboration with Business Gateway underscores the importance of strategic support in fostering innovation and success within the business landscape.

For more information about Business Gateway and the range of professional resources and support they offer to businesses, please visit Business Gateway’s Official Website. Business Gateway, delivered by local authorities throughout Scotland, stands as a beacon of support for businesses, fostering collaboration and growth in tandem with various government and enterprise entities.

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