Call to #SayThanks to retail workers

SGF Chief Executive Dr Pete Cheema

Scottish Grocers’ Federation encourages people to express their appreciation for the role convenience stores have played during Covid

SHOPPERS are being urged to say a simple thank-you to shop staff as part of a campaign encouraging greater respect for Scotland’s retail workers.

The Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) is issuing the call as part of a campaign following the Protection of Workers Act coming into law.

People are being urged to demonstrate their gratitude for all that shop workers have done for them and their community, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic when local stores took immediate steps to make themselves safe for shoppers.

The Protection of Workers Act gives stronger protection to retail staff across Scotland who suffer threats, abuse or assaults and has been widely welcomed across the sector.

SGF is highlighting the new measures through it’s Don’t Put Up With It Campaign, which champions a zero-tolerance stance against trouble in stores.

And, while it urges retailers to report every crime they witness in their shops, it encourages shoppers to say thank you to those serving them – and also post a picture on social media of their local shop using the hashtag #SayThanks.

SGF Chief Executive Dr Pete Cheema said: “We all know that, at work, a little thanks can make a terrific difference.

“Local convenience stores have been there for us like never before during coronavirus to ensure we can shop safely. Staff really have gone above and beyond to serve their communities, showing remarkable dedication and kindness.

“So, the next time you pop around the corner for some essential supplies, #SayThanks. If you’re grateful that your local store is there; if you’re grateful they’ve been there during the pandemic; if you want them to stay there as long as you are, #SayThanks.

“Unfortunately retail workers are often forced to endure unacceptable abuse as they carry out their work. By saying thank you, we can remind them that the vast majority of us respect and appreciate all that they do.”

The Don’t Put Up With It campaign is being made possible as part of a £50,000 package from the Scottish Government to tackle retail crime. SGF is working with the charity Crimestoppers, its youth programme Fearless and Police Scotland to spread the message.

Anyone who witnesses a crime in a shop is urged to support their local shop staff by sharing information with Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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