Cairn Risk Consulting and Horizon Ocean Management enter strategic partnership for Japanese offshore wind market

Nobu, Yasu and Taiga (Horizon Ocean Management) meet with Tom (Cairn Risk) taken at Scottish Renewables.

HORIZON Ocean Management (HOM) – a subsidiary joint venture between Mitsui and Hokutaku – and Cairn Risk Consulting, a leading independent risk and safety consultancy in the United Kingdom, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for risk management consultancy services to the Japanese offshore wind market.

This agreement will see both parties work together to develop a better understanding of the Japanese offshore wind market, to offer a range of services that will ensure offshore wind farms are conceived, developed, built, operated, maintained and decommissioned in a way that protects people, plant and the planet.

HOM was formed in 2021 by Japanese conglomerate Mitsui and Hokutaku, the country’s leading wind turbine maintenance company. It has already established a unique position within the Japanese offshore wind industry supply chain, providing services such as operations and maintenance strategy consulting for developers during the project development stage and offering cost-effective and high-quality inspection and maintenance services during the operational life of the wind farm.

Founded last year and based in Glasgow, Scotland, Cairn Risk provide pragmatic and proportionate risk management solutions to help enable the transition to net zero in a safe, effective and attentive way. They are currently delivering risk and safety consultancy services to two major wind turbine manufacturers and nine major offshore wind projects. They are supporting over 15GW of renewable energy projects across a range of clean energy technologies including onshore and offshore wind, hydrogen, solar and battery storage.

Through Cairn Risk’s experience of the UK’s offshore wind industry and their relationship with HOM, they can help developers in Japan benefit from lessons learned and tried and tested approaches to managing risk, raising health and safety standards across the industry.

Tom Semple, Director at Cairn Risk, said: From our experience in the highly regulated industries such as Oil & Gas and helping OEMs and developers globally we believe a local collaboration partner in Japan will help share the experience that the team has gained from collective decades of working in offshore wind.  We look forward to supporting Japan with its wind deployment vision and collaborating with HOM to built long-term relationships. Everyone at Cairn Risk feels privileged to be working with some great organisations across the world, including HOM.  We are extremely proud to be playing our part in helping deliver the clean energy projects that are vital in delivering the safe transition to net zero.

Nobuyuki Takagi, Managing Director of HOM, commented: “The European offshore wind supply chain has a wealth of marine and subsea experience via its long history in sectors such as Oil & Gas. In order to realise Japan’s offshore wind deployment vision, we believe that learning from and working with the leading companies in these more advanced markets will develop and improve Japanese competence, ultimately helping to establish middle to long-term local capability. Cairn Risk’s experience and know-how will bring significant value for risk management of the project from early phase which is key for offshore wind projects, so we are delighted to be collaborating with them here in Japan.” 

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