Businesses urged to see the benefits of a green fleet

Acumen Director, Andy Eason

Acumen Employee Benefits marks World EV Day

BUSINESSES and employees could be doing more to tackle climate change, while reaping financial benefits, according to advisers on World EV Day.

With today being celebrated as a day to drive the transition to sustainable transport, and just weeks before Cop26 comes to Glasgow, Scotland-headquartered Acumen Employee

Benefits is encouraging employers to consider switching to electric cars.

The firm says businesses should look at the benefits of introducing green fleets as part of their benefits package with a car salary sacrifice scheme.

Car salary sacrifice schemes remain a great incentive for both employers and employees, particularly those who travel a lot for business. However, with rising prices it can be a costly expense for many organisations and damaging for the environment.

Acumen is working with employers to help them realise the advantages of opting for lower emission vehicles and reduce their carbon footprint whilst also significantly enhancing their benefits package.

Unlike typical financing packages, employees can lease and have access to lower prices through car salary sacrifice schemes. The benefits of choosing ultra-low emission vehicles include Income Tax and National Insurance savings, government funding for installing charging points at home and a lower monthly net cost to employees.

Acumen Director, Andy Eason, said: “Our shift to vehicles with lower carbon emissions is continuously accelerating as people look for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

“As well as the benefits when it comes to sustainability, it’s clear that there are big savings to be made for employers and employees when choosing ultra-low emission vehicles. It’s something we are continuing to encourage our clients to explore as we drive towards becoming a net zero nation.”

Acumen Employee Benefits is part of Acumen Financial Planning. It is currently supporting clients to provide green vehicles to their employees across the country.

Employers can seek advice for car salary sacrifice schemes through their website;

World EV Day is a global event which drives progress towards a zero-emissions mobility future and sustainable transport with consumer, business and policy outcomes.

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