Business Gateway Support Broadens Horizons for Glasgow Entrepreneur

Stephanie Sanya, business owner of FSD World Foods sells a wide range of produce and specialises in groceries for African cuisine

A WORLD food store in Glasgow’s East End has developed a diverse customer base following advice and support from Business Gateway.

Opened by Stephanie Sanya in 2018, FSD World Foods sells a wide range of produce and specialises in groceries for African cuisine. Stephanie currently runs the store herself but has plans to recruit a member of staff in the near future.

Whilst Stephanie had the passion and desire to start up her own business, she had little knowledge of the market or legal and financial procedures she needed to follow. Therefore, she turned to Business Gateway for free business advice and support.

Chanel Bikorimana, business adviser at Business Gateway Glasgow, commented: “We guided Stephanie through the process of starting up FSD World Foods, from registering with Companies House, to opening a business bank account, writing her business plan and finding premises.”

In addition to providing the tools to make her business a reality, Business Gateway helped Stephanie to broaden her horizons and explore new markets.

Stephanie explained: “I knew that I wanted to establish a grocery store specialising in high quality products for the African market, but Business Gateway helped to me to look for gaps in the market and expand my product range to attract customers from a wider range of cultures.

“My Business Gateway adviser has been a constant source of inspiration, encouraging me to go beyond my comfort zone and develop a diverse, multi-cultural customer base.”

Chanel added: “It has been a pleasure to see that, by reaching out to customers of all ethnicities and cultures, Stephanie and FSD World Foods are helping to reinforce social integration in Bridgeton.

“It is so important that women like Stephanie have access to bespoke business advice and support. This is especially of true of black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) entrepreneurs, who face a unique set of issues and barriers.

“In 2018-19, 50% of the start-ups Business Gateway supported were led by women. 7% of our start-ups were from ethnic minorities, nearly double the proportion of people from ethnic minority groups in the population.

“As our business sector and our country change, Business Gateway is committed to reflecting and supporting the diverse nature of 21st century Scotland, assisting a wide range of clients led by women, ethnic minorities and young people.”

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