Business Gateway help entrepreneurs launch first street food outlet in Orkney

Kit Bichan and Daniel Gould, Orkney Street Beiting and Brew

ORKNEY’s first street food outlet has been launched by local entrepreneurs, following start-up support from Business Gateway, Scotland’s national business advisory service. 

Founded by Kit Bichan and Daniel Gould, Orkney Street Food Beiting and Brew offers restaurant quality food and coffee, using the best of local produce to create a fortnightly changing menu full of homemade dishes inspired by street food from around the world.  

Through Business Gateway, the team were able to access 1:1 support from an adviser on their business plan and were given help with financial planning and forecasting. The team were also advised about potential funding they could apply for, and through this, they were awarded a start-up grant which enabled the purchase of vital equipment for the business.  

While the team initially planned start service in March, following the introduction of the national lockdown, they decided to wait until restrictions eased, and in June, Orkney Street Food Beiting and Brew launched with a Mexican themed menu.  

Kit said: “It was always my goal to work for myself, using my experience in hospitality to launch something innovative and unique to Orkney. With my cousin who is a trained chef, we previously looked at taking on our own premises, however the costs were not feasible. After this, we decided to launch a street food business, which we felt would be a welcome addition to the Orkney hospitality scene.  

“We bought the trailer at the end of last year and worked with Business Gateway to develop our business plan and firm up on our financial forecasts for the year. Their advice was practical, realistic, and impartial, and it helped make our venture seem like a possibility, giving us the confidence to move forward with it. With their help, we were also awarded a start-up grant which helped with the costs of a coffee machine that was important for our offering.  

“We’ve been warmly welcomed by the local community who needed something positive and different to take advantage of following the national lockdown. Given we can continue to operate under the current guidance, we feel extremely lucky and are looking forward to the future.”  

Looking forward, Orkney Street Food aims to launch a product range and is working with Business Gateway on funding opportunities that would support this growth.  

Claire Kemp, Business Gateway, said: “COVID-19 has presented hospitality with a variety of challenges, so it is particularly positive to see how Kit and the team have been able to progress with their dream of running their own business, despite the pandemic.  

“Particularly for those just starting out on their own, a fresh pair of eyes over a business plan or impartial advice about what to expect when they launch their business, can be a vital source of support and help give people the confidence to set out on their own. This is all the more important during these times, when businesses need to be as resilient and robust as possible.” 

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