Business Gateway directs North Uist data on the path to success

Selene Huntley, Business Owner, Heb Insights Ltd

NORTH Uist resident Selene Huntley has taken her love of data to the next level after swapping her career as a veterinary surgeon to establish a data analysis and marketing insights firm.

Launched in October 2018, Heb Insights aims to help businesses of all sizes across the Outer Hebrides prosper by enabling them to utilise their data to inform sound decision-making. Support from Business Gateway Outer Hebrides helped put Heb Insights on the path to success, by providing business planning advice and valuable local connections.

Living locally, Selene is passionate about playing a key part in a resilient local economy by helping to create high-quality opportunities for future generations. Following the advice and support from Business Gateway, Selene has taken Heb Insights from strength to strength, by expanding her service offerings and increasing her brand awareness across the Outer Hebrides.

Following the launch, Selene met with Business Gateway to form a business plan and a coherent message about what she wanted to offer local companies. Business Gateway was instrumental in helping Selene achieve her main aim – to increase her number of business contacts – which was crucial in order to expand her customer base and drive overall awareness. Selene additionally received specialist marketing support and had access to Business Gateway’s one-to-one advisory sessions and free online resources.

Thanks to Business Gateway, Selene was able to focus on developing Heb Insight’s remit, which has recently expanded to include Google Ad services. This upgraded offering has been highly effective in building a client base, enabling businesses in the Outer Hebrides to be more competitive throughout the online marketplace. 

Selene Huntley, Director of Heb Insights, said: “It’s fantastic to be able to access the variety of invaluable resources offered by Business Gateway Outer Hebrides.

“My adviser, Alastair, has been instrumental in the early stages and success of the business, as well as helping to expand my professional network. Knowing who to speak to and how to make local connections is essential, especially in the Outer Hebrides where word of mouth is hugely important to the success of local businesses.”

Alastair MacLeod, Business Adviser, Business Gateway Outer Hebrides, said: “When growing a business in a small community, making the right contacts can make all the difference. Our initial focus was to introduce Selene to the essential contacts needed to help drive awareness of the data and marketing insight services which her firm offers. 

“We were also able to provide one-to-one business support, advice on marketing strategy and fully-funded workshops about every aspect of running a business. It’s been a pleasure to work with Selene and witness her dedication, hard work and commitment to the success of the local economy.”

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