Burges Salmon launches innovative new tax App, ResiCheck

ResiCheck will help Burges Salmon clients – at no cost – work out whether they are tax-resident in the UK.

INDEPENDENT UK law firm Burges Salmon is pleased to announce the launch of ResiCheck, an innovative tax App that will help their clients – at no cost – to work out whether they are tax-resident in the UK.

The App is designed to help clients understand the UK’s Statutory Residence Test. Users complete a simple questionnaire and receive an instant indication of likely residence status, along with a more detailed explanation. The App can also be used to plan future residency and keep track of UK visits, with this information emailed directly to the user.

Conceived by Berry Bloomberg and Scarlett Underwood from the firm’s Tax, Trusts, and Family Team, with help from the firm’s Innovation team, the ResiCheck App helps clients work through the challenges that come with knowing and recording their tax residence.

John Barnett, Head of Tax at Burges Salmon, said: “Until recently the UK did not have a formal definition of residence for tax purposes. That changed in 2013 when the government decided to turn 200 years of case-law into a statutory test. The result was a complex set of rules which many clients find difficult to navigate. ResiCheck makes it easy for clients to track, record and plan their UK residence in a convenient App.”

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