Building a world-class technology sector – report to be published

Kate Forbes

A REPORT suggesting how Scotland can develop a world-class technology sector will be handed to the Scottish Government today.

Tech entrepreneur Mark Logan, former chief operating officer of flight comparison website Skyscanner, was asked to identify ways of harnessing the sector’s potential in Scotland.

Kate Forbes, finance secretary, who commissioned the review, said: “Scotland’s tech scene is one of our most innovative, high-growth sectors and will be critical to our economic recovery.

“As Skyscanner proved, a tech start-up can grow in a matter of years from being a few people working in a bedroom to a multinational company employing hundreds of staff.

“I commissioned this review because I want to establish Scotland as a world-class start-up nation and generate even more Scottish success stories. I thank Mr Logan for his work – we will study his recommendations carefully and respond swiftly.”

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