Braehead Primary in bloom thanks to Superglass support

Braehead Primary’s grounds are flourishing after volunteers from Superglass helped pupils and the local community to upgrade the Stirling school’s green space

BRAEHEAD Primary’s grounds are flourishing after volunteers from local insulation manufacturer Superglass, helped pupils and the local community to upgrade the Stirling school’s green spaces as well as providing funding for ongoing improvement projects.

Superglass has been manufacturing glass mineral wool insulation in Stirling for more than 30 years and has sustainability at the core of the business.

As well as sustainability, giving back to the local area is paramount for Superglass – both of which are delivered through a new partnership with Braehead Primary. 

Together, P7 pupils, parents, teachers, and Superglass volunteers recently spent a day revitalising the school grounds and garden area, pulling weeds, planting flowers and repotting plant beds.

The initiative is the first in a new partnership between the school and Superglass, with an aim to enhance the school’s learning environment on an ongoing basis and to give back to the local community.

As one of the UK’s leading glass mineral wool insulation manufacturers, Superglass products are made from up to 84% recycled glass which reduces waste and saves valuable resources. Over its lifetime, glass mineral wool insulation typically saves up to 200 times the energy used in its manufacture and transport, making it extremely effective from an environmental point of view.

Rachael Metcalfe, marketing controller at Superglass, said: “This is the beginning of an exciting partnership between Superglass and Braehead Primary School. An insulation manufacturing facility has existed on the Stirling site since 1953 and making a positive contribution to the local community is a central part of our business. To align with this focus, Superglass has also been working with local charity, Start-up Stirling who support local people in need. We have hosted events, participated in fundraising, and contributed to donations to help support the work they do.

“By taking the time out to invest in initiatives that matter to our community and our team – like the gardening project at Braehead Primary School – we not only nurture our ties to the community, but we also pass on our commitment to preserving and improving the environment for future generations.

“We’re excited to make the Braehead partnership a longer-term plan, providing more resources, creating projects, and really getting the children involved and engaged with protecting the environment.”

Frances Hall, teacher at Braehead Primary School, added: “Getting big businesses like Superglass on hand to help with the community is important, especially since the pandemic. We’ve lost a lot of that community feel, and it’s great to see Superglass working with the kids to bring that spirit back.

“The Superglass factory is a site that a lot of the children recognise, so initiatives like this one make the children aware of the type of work that they do and builds those connections with the children. It’s important that the young people at our school have a sense of community. We’re looking forward to working with Superglass more, with ongoing workshops and projects to further improve the school environment.”

Susan Lawson, Mandarin teacher with Stirling Council, expressed: “Getting the students involved in our Chinese garden is extremely beneficial to learning at the school, as the environment is something we focus on.

Getting as many volunteers as we can is imperative for us, from parents to members of the community, to big businesses like Superglass. We’re undergoing a number of other environmental initiatives at the school, and we can’t wait to involve Superglass with those too.”

Superglass continues to engage with the school on funding and support for upcoming projects as part of its local community engagement.

Convener of Stirling Council’s Children and Young People Committee, Cllr Margaret Brisley, said: “It’s great to see businesses like Superglass, one of Stirling’s major employers, working with Braehead Primary and the local community to deliver environmental enhancements that will support the children’s learning.

“I look forward to seeing the other green projects that stem from this positive partnership between the school, Superglass and the local community.”  

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