Braehead cleanup taking place in partnership with Decathlon to help protect environment

Big Paddle Cleanup

DECATHALON is supporting Paddle UK’s Big Paddle Cleanup campaign with Planet Patrol this spring to allow communities to come together and help protect their local environment whilst spending time on the water.

Event will take place at Braehead Bowling Harbour on Saturday 8th June from 9am – 12pm and 3pm-6pm with tickets now available for only £5, with all proceeds donated to environmental non-profit Planet Patrol. The ticket will not only confirm people’s attendance to the event, but see Decathlon provide them with a kayak or paddleboard with buoyancy aids and litter picking kits so they have all they need for a perfect paddling day out on the water. 

Participants must be 18 to take part on the water but families can spend time together as all events will also have litter picks running on land at the same time so everyone can make a positive difference in their local area.

What’s more, those taking part in the fun-filled clean-up will also receive a goody bag for their actions. The goody bag includes a waterproof phone case, 500 Decathlon points added to their account and a 20% discount voucher on rental items from Decathlon to try out different sports without making a financial commitment. 

Now in its third year, Big Paddle Cleanup has grown year on year. Last year around 3,000 people took part in the popular events last year to fill 1,800 large sacks of waste, highlighting how much the community cares about the health of British waterways and the need for more work to be done.

This year, participants will record any litter they collect in the Planet Patrol app, by type, amount, location and brand and test water quality for five different pollutants – giving us detailed insight into the overall health of our waterways. 

The Big Paddle Cleanup events are a fantastic example of how people can unite in an engaging, interactive way to protect the natural world around them.

Becky Lillico, Decathlon UK Sustainability Team, commented: ““At Decathlon, we believe in the wonder of sports to form collective action that makes a difference. The Big Paddle Clean Up isn’t just about enjoying our beautiful waterways, it’s about raising awareness for their health and sustainability. These events encourage us to interact with our environment in a responsible way and foster a deeper appreciation for the UK’s waterways. We can help ensure these resources are preserved for future generations by promoting a clean, safe, and accessible environment.” 

Lizzie Carr MBE, Founder of Planet Patrol, commented: “Over the past seven years, more than 50,000 people have been involved in community action through Planet Patrol initiatives, recording over half a million pieces of litter and water quality readings in the Planet Patrol app. Our waterways are in a critical state, and there’s never been a more important time to act. Working collaboratively with Decathlon and Paddle UK is a great opportunity to galvanise more people to take action and help protect our precious waterways.” 

Chantelle Grundy, Access and Environment Lead for Paddle UK, said: “The Big Paddle Cleanup shows how much the paddling community cares about our waters and what they’re prepared to do to protect them. Combining social action through the Big Paddle Cleanup, with physical activity, is a fantastic way of bringing people together and improving our local surroundings. We are in a unique position as paddlers as we can collect plastic from places others are unable to access while enjoying the wellbeing benefits of being in blue spaces.”

For more information on the Big Paddle Clean Up events and to sign up, please visit:

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